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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Shadow Competitors

2035 & The Shadow Competitors
China, India, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Indonesia & S.Africa in the next 25 years are going To spurn 1 Billion Competent Competitive People who will be a Threat To The Citizens of The Developed Nations.
They are Intelligent, Hard Working, Resourceful, Creative & Less Expensive.
IF Citizens in Developed nations Do not wake up to This dire Threat of These Shadow Competitors, They will be Displaced & Marginalized by Them & there will be 1 Billion Citizens from now Developed Nations Marginalized by 2035.
Their only Hope: Sack The Globalists before the Globalists Sack Them !

No Money, No Talk.
Everything Has A Price in Singapore & Most Urban Cities:
Everything has been Monetized:
People, Time, Professions, Space, Buildings, Quality, Service, Quantity, Things.
Everything You See, Touch or Think has A Price.
That's Life.



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