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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Power of Information and Choice

We are now in the Information Era. What is information to the Human Being?
Information to the Human Being i.e. You & Me is as Powerful as the first words spoken by the father or mother to a child.

The person or institution which provides information automatically becomes the father figure to a person because information is input. In another words, information through the mass media is like mass mentoring.

If your input is good & correct the output will be pleasant to oneself, family and community.

Today, we have a dearth of information. Information often reaches us through, friends and family, schools, religious institutions, public listed companies, multinational companies and the media. So all these channels have shaped, carved and moulded the mind of human beings. We are nothing more than the sum total of our information input, ability to decipher and what we decide as junk.

For 65 years, after the 2nd World War, the human race was being stormed by information and disinformation. In one sentence - the happening of the 2008 - 2009 global financial meltdown is a revelation that there has been a wrong
world-view of information, regulation and leadership.

The human being is born with certain inalienable rights like being allowed to live
as a human being. To put it bluntly - An Animal Watch Activist would say, "an animal, say an orangutan should be allowed to live as an orangutan." That's the orangutan's right.

But a man/woman is entrapped in the name of "independence", "freedom",
"education", "security" or "peace" by a global system master minded by a body
which controls the information that trickles down to us through all the various channels of media. The highest disinformation - is in the name of "helping you to earn a living."

This is the highest crap in all the world! Never in the history of civilization was:
1) 3.3 billion people of the global population poor to the degree of being unable to
fend for themselves, that Government Ministries and NGOs should find jobs for them.
2) 18,000 people dying a day due to hunger.
3) 26,000 people dying a day due lack of clean water, nutrition or proper sanitation.

Any thinking man would know given this picture the mankind has been progressing up the wrong path over the last 65 years! These are Facts documented and acknowledged by leaders all over the world. documented by UN, FAO and many other global bodies.

This is not stench from a septic tank but that the sludge from the septic tank has actually flowed out into the real world. Obviously 5.7 billion literate people in this world did not cause this. (There are 1 billion illiterate people in the world. The World Population is 6.7 billion). The cause for this over flow of "sludge" from the "global septic tank" is obviously because the average citizen is daily being fed on a steady stream of a rich diet of DISINFORMATION so that he is caught unaware making wrong life choices.

Get this straight: 1 0ut of 2 human beings are unable to get their act right in Life Management. Is this possible? Nature or God never did such poor planning. This is nothing but a well thought out scientific social manipulation to benefit the few global elite. It is not that you do not know about it, it is just that YOU ARE NOT INFORMED.

What do we see daily in the News: "The Recession is Over", "The Economy is Picking Up".
Holy Baloney! After uncountable trillions of printed dollars flushed to prop up global banks, that is not a lie but a blatant castration of humanity because it is false information!

The average man on the street needs accurate information to run his life, work and make safe investments for his old age. But the Global Information is controlled by Multinational Corporates which partner with governments. Governments have no choice but to partner with these multinational corporates because they NEED Money to run the Government and manage damage control.

So we are not having a democracy but we are having the government of the MNCs, by the MNCs and for the MNCs. Do you know that:
1) Just 1,125 billionaires own the wealth of 3.35 billion people in the world.
2) Just 7 of the richest men can buy 41 of the poorest nations.
3) The Average American earns 105 times the amount of each of the 1.02 billion poor and hungry people.

Isn't it time people cried, "What went wrong?" There are literally a 100 Million well educated professionals monitoring global growth patterns. Yet, civilization is walking down the wrong garden path. Why?

It is the information that went wrong. When the information is wrong, nobody can make informed decisions and choices. Up todate, accurate information is a vanguard of scientific authority and secret think tanks. Scientific Authority meaning, information is being used and transmitted in carefully calculated packets, by the Governments and the MNCs so as to be able to control the masses like robots.

How does a father keep a 10 year old child indoors? Furnish the child with a balanced dose of Fear and Love. That is what the main stream media is doing. Giving you a feel good information coupled with some fear. The response from the masses is predictable. It is called mass communication system.

Until and unless the public understands that they are being manipulated, nurtured and exploited (harvested) for the good of a few at the expense of 50% the global population, they will not rise up and think critically, "Where are we going?"

Only a thinking citizenry can give birth to a worthy government that serves them. Only 20% of the Global population owns 90% of the Global Wealth, Industrial Advances and Modern Amenities. So the information that you are receiving on the mainstream TV and Newspaper is carefully doctored to serve this 20%. Why not? These 20% are the only ones who can afford to pay and perpetuate the Media industry and every other consumer industry on earth, not the remaining 80% who are just moving from cradle to grave not because God and Nature did not provide enough but because Man Made Scientific Social Engineering is going on with globalization for World domination.

So what is the catch? The catch is, if only 1.14 billion people are o.k. while 5.56 billion people are not o.k., globalization will result in either mutiny of the disadvantaged against the rich or a horrible war for global domination by the Super Powers against the powerless as already demonstrated by the Wars in Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan and Palestine.

Question: What do you call it when there is USD 1.2 Trillion to spend on the Global War Industry but there is a shortage of only USD 40 Billion which can eradicate Global Hunger for 1.02 billion People? Answer: Satanism

The Message is on the Wall. Be fully informed. Don't just see the world through the pictures you are fed. They are scientifically doctored to benefit a few oligarchs whose only desire is power and wealth. Infact, wealth, they have already garnered over the last 100 years. Their desire now is to control, manage and perpetuate a lasting New World Order which will be under their whims. Their search is not for professionals but rather for loyalists and cronies who will act as their cohorts and minions who will obey their every beck, call and idiosyncracy.

You are the only hope civilization has. YOU must seek alternative information, judge for yourself, decide and choose. At stake is the next generation - your children and grand children.

Google or You Tube:
New World Order, Population Control, Global Research Information Centre.

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