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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Global Economic System

Truth About Swine Flu, Wake Up America #11
I have been thinking how the World System wound up like this.
I explained it like this:
1) 200 years ago we entered into the Industrial Era of Mass Production of Things.
2) Then the people found they needed Money to open factories.
3) So they started Mass producing Money by printing it and distributing it to cronies.
4) Those who did not receive the Money had to go to school to study.
5) Then they Mass produced the schools and Universities.
6) So all who went through the Universities became PRODUCTS of a certain type.
7) These graduates had a market value based on supply and demand and not
God given inherent value based on how good their character is as seen by God.
(Graduates are the 21st Century are Knowledge Slaves).
8) So instead of having God-made men we had Man-made men or artificial men.
9) Once we have Artificial Men other Elite Men put a price tag on artificial men and catergorise them or put them in a box based on their skill NOT character.
10) Also artificial men do not have individual personalities or inter personal relationships.
This is important to the Elite who labeled that -"accountability".
11) Accountability was to the elite and not to TRUTH.
12) That's call the New World Order.
13) So How did we arrive at such a system?
14) We chose products and money over character and habits.
15)You are right: We reap what we sow.
16) So what's coming Next ?
17) What was inducted in the Communist USSR by using Fear and Communist China by
using the gun, 30 to 70 years ago, Multinational Corporates of the 21st Century,
working hand in Glove with the Governments
are creating a system NOT unlike slavery and communism using "carrots for donkeys".
18)Watch the signs: Money loses its value. Families breakdown. Nations breakdown.

19) Wars, Famine, Stagnation of Economy, hunger, Pollution, Climate Change, Traffic Jams.
20)We reap what we sow.

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