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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Fall of the American Empire

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The effect of the 2008 - 2009 Global Financial Meltdown on America is the same as the effect of the 2nd World War on Great Britain. America is bankrupt now as Britain was bankrupt then. As then and now the General Public don't know about it.

What the authorities do know is that the next 5 to 10 years will be a period of slicing, sharing and handing over the world's equity to those the Powers behind America can work with for World Domination. 1 Million oligarchs will Rule 7 Billion more or less Born-to-be-Slaves People.

1 Billion Hungry people will be show cased as a display to the public as what might become of them (the public) if they do not OBEY. FAO reports that it only needs USD 40 Billion annually to end global hunger. USD 1.2 Trillion is spent on Military. So, is there a shortage of funds? No. The hungry are being used as a political campaigning point to cause fear upon the people who dare to challenge the system

The 2009 to 2019 will be like 1945 to 1955, when the Powers behind Britain were dividing the World's equity in the name of Independence.

Today, globally you see a Massive Land and Energy Grab is covertly going on to control all the food and energy by certain International Corporates. The Land of Sabah was Grabbed by Malaya in 1963 in the name of Independence.

The work of the government is just to sell the equity to those international corporates in return for favours to retain their Rule, not help the people. The Work of the People is to pay up the debts created by the ruling class. The ruling class will always justify themselves by saying, "you wanted an easy life, I gave it to you, now there are debts to pay."

The below news is just a sign of the coming New World Order

I am sure there about 3,000 Sabahans in Sabah living like the Rajahs of 1900.
Nazri insists Kelantan not entitled to oil royalty
FAO Director-General starts 24-hour hunger stri...
Youth For Human Rights International:

(more info)
UNICEF Website :
United Nations UN Anniversary UNICEF Ann Veneman Children Child UNRWA Commemoration
Data released by the Federal Reserve, the National Association of Homebuilders, and the Labor Department Tuesday shows the economic recovery continues to be weak.

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