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Thursday, November 19, 2009

How the Media Control People

4 Principles:
This is the Basis of Mind Control by the Media:

The 1st Principle is Feeling:
The 1st Step is Based upon this Principle:
"You buy or do what the Advertiser wants because of how the Advertising makes you feel."

The 2nd Principle is Repetition:
The 2nd Step is Put on the Advertisement repeatedly.

The 3rd Principle is Surprise:
The 3rd Step is Put on the Advertisement just at the Climax of a Scene.

The 4th Principle is Start young:
The 4th Step is Advertisers Target people as young as possible, even toddlers.

Using these 4 Principles the Media programmes our mind to operate as the Advertiser wants.

Nett Result: If we are not in the habit of cultivating our own mind, somebody else will.

Understand that all Big Business use the Media.

Once your mind has been programmed to live by a style, it continues to do so even though it is not beneficial to you. Your body, mind and spirit continue to operate automatically, incomprehensible even to yourself unless YOU are determined to break free.

Addictions: In the Past people thought addictions were only limited to alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. Today with the aggressive use of the Media we know there are many behavioral addictions or obsessions.

Especially: Buying unnecessary things, eating, drinking and consuming with credit cards propagated by Multinational Corporates whose only agenda is Profit and Money.

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