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Monday, November 2, 2009

A Medley of Poverty

I started my research 6 months ago; Today, I am flabbergasted to say the least, for not knowing that the world was being run by a bunch of White washed Gangsters,
whose blood lines go world-wide to 1700s
. After USSR Collapsed in 1989, we are living in a Neo colonial Era. Before 1989 the Cobra was lying low for 45 years ! It is an open secret.
Why Do we have poverty in the world?
A Secret Genocide - 52 min documentary
Thailand: Child Sponsorship Program - YWAM Thailand
Malaysia:malaysia miskin 2 malaysia poverty 2
Acheh: Aceh's Man Made Disaster - Indonesia
Papua New Guinea: Flight to Freedom - Indonesia
Sri Lanka: SOS! Refugee From Sri Lanka
Philippines: Philippines Poverty [In The Darkness]
U.S.A : Poverty in America documentary - Team Curran
Laos: A Day in the Life of Kaisong - Experience Poverty in Laos
Cambodia: Stop The Traffick - Cambodia
Vietnam: Saigon - The Winners and The Losers
Indonesia: Poverty in Indonesia - BBC
1 Billion People world-wide live in Hunger for food.
2 Billion People live on less than USD 2 per day.
50% of the Global Population live below the Poverty Line.

The First step to over coming a problem is identifying the Problem.

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