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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Think about this 2

Continued From Monday, 2nd Nov, 2009

Yes, Food and Money are not only siphoned from the needy, the truth is there are parties who use the poor as a facade to solicit funds, get cheap labour and traffick humans for all kinds of illegal business. So, Poverty is a Trillion dollar industry in itself, which keeps some people fat, rich and powerful. What evidence is there to deny
illegal money is NOT used by the CIA?

Infact, this matter of "irradicating poverty" is only in the minds of underdeveloped nations where most of the poor live. The developed nations through their 200 years of Colonial Rule have learnt that it DOES NOT PAY to irradicate poverty and hunger as it will cause an uprising in a matter of time, whether it may be 40 years or 100 years.

Not only is Poverty an essential ingredient in their mix to Maintain and Manage Power, according to the Powers that be, but Death by War, Terror and Torture are essentials to keep human beings under control in a internet connected, globalised world.

To control 90% of the World all they have to do is show on the television the War,
Terror, Torture and Poverty happening in 10% of the World Daily. If you see it you
are damned; if you do not see it YOU ARE DAMNED.

My point is, the Powers that be, have a few levels of Defense to remain in Power.
The Highest Level is Nuclear War;
The second Highest Level is Covert Terrorism,
played out by "illegal" armies funded by the same Power - The CIA and MI5;
The 3rd highest level is plant an illegality in the enemy's camp so that a war can be initiated in the name of DEFENSE !

Now, we come to the best part; due to the Created War, A Military-Industrial-Complex can be justified in the name of "Security of the People".

To Justify taxing the People for the Military-Industrial-Complex, and the build up of Nuclear War Heads, Poverty should NOT be eradicated & illegal activity should not be totally prosecuted - For the Good of "Governance" of the Ruling Power !
"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Lord Baron

Centre for Research on Globalization:
View:Unauthorized Arundhati Roy - America & the world

Corporatism - Larry King - CNN & The Big Lie

"Most of the foods meant for the poor are channelled or diverted away from the target groups.
Most of the good quality foods are replaced by items of inferior quality including expired ones.
Most of the suppliers of foods make plenty of money in the disguise of helping the poor and destitutes.
Most of the foods meant for the target groups are also siphoned away for sale elsewhere.
Most of the food aids may end up elsewhere including Malaysia."
Even in Malaysia and especially Sabah, the illegal power is using poverty to stay in absolute power for decades.
The illegal leaders would plunder and blunder the state and nation dry when the majority of the people are helpless so far.
The lopsided treatments are obvious Selfish Hideous Illegal Trap SHIT.
The malaysian experience is recorded in my book " Sabah Wealth - image of woods power" where some RM30 billions
was used in 5 Malaysia Plans to bring down the poverty rates of 20+ years from 30% to 6%. Yet when it was intended
to bring it to 0%, another RM30b was allocated for the purpose. Can you see the discrepancy to loot the nation using the
poor? From 30 to 6, RM30 b was used and from 6 to 0 supposedly from 1990, another RM30b was needed to fill up the
pockets of the gredy leaders. Actually such money was diverted to feed terrorism including 911.
Also when General Elections come it is much easier to bribe the poor voters with RM30=200 per vote. So cheap to stay in power
using the poor people with ill gotten gains earlier. You think if the middle class doing fairly well is willing to be bribed by such small amount?"
Joshua Kong, Prime Minister of IGGG Malaysia

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