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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

George Galloway

George Galloway exposes Zionist propaganda
The 1st Lesson a New Investor must Learn is the State of the US Economy:-
End of Liberty

Mounting evidence of British war crimes
6 Jewish Companies own 96% of the Media

If we realize, this excessive printing money thing started 30yrs ago and not 3yrs, that means a Generation has grown on Fiat Currency throughout the world! Imagine what will happen to withdraw from printing.
Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente ...said it is like withdrawing drugs from an addict. We have a Financial System that says Work, Earn, Invest and everything will be alright: This Model does not hold water any more because of the EXCESSIVE Quantitative Easing, Globalization and deregulation over the Last 30 years.

Mounting evidence of British war crimes
"Debasing the US Currency is a necessary condition for rebalancing the global economy over time. Other countries and citizens are willing to work for less and willing to work harder – and we forgot the magic formula somewhere along the way.”
Bill Gross, Manager of the World's largest Mutual Fund Company
Meet the real 9/11 terrorists

Kymatica (2009)

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