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Friday, November 19, 2010

A Reply to Valarie's Economic Rant List

Valerie's Economic Rant List:
Out of control spending for one.
Proposed pie in the sky health care bill.
Unemployment at an all time high for the third season.
Immigration law suits in Arizona for fourth reason.
Bank bail outs for fifth season.
Take over of GM for sixth reason.
Beginning of inflation for the seventh reason.
Proposed amnesty of illegal immigrants and more programs that we can't afford.
China purchasing our bonds and debt.
Cap and Trade bill that will limit production in the US.
Bail outs for our Industries and the dis-allowance to allow the market set the pace or price of the produced item.
Chicago politics
I did not like Baby Bush either.

With our education systems failing in the public domain, this information on bank failure, does not surprise me. There is less and less pool of well educated erudite available talent out there. The talent pool of mathematicians, computer programmers, and old fashioned negotiators that know how to discount percentages to make a buck, to get ahead, is hardly to be found among the candidates for employment.


This is Hypothetical ok Val? But let us just take it up for discussion:

1)Supposing the US Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency is over.
2)Supposing the Total Global Debt is just $100 Trillion
3)Supposing only 1 Billion on the Planet Earth can be depended on to repay Debt
Then, The Debt on each person is $100,000,
So people are going to be born with a Debt of $100,000.
What about interest?
What if the Global Debt is 10 times more?
What if less people can be depended to repay debt?
What if the cost of Economic Transformation goes up?
Can you see that the World as we know it, with its present coping Strategies, Mechanisms and Methods are just irrelevant, dysfunctional and COLLAPSED?

Why is it Suddenly not Working any more?
The Geo-Political landscape of the world has changed since the Rise of China and India and the Fall of USSR in 1990.
From 3 Billion workers in 1990, now there are 6 Billion workers in 2010. Globalization. Free Trade. Technology, Internet, Instant Information, Stock Market, Day Trading, Twitter, Facebook are playing havoc on all the Rules the Financial Games were previously played by.

On top of that is the Exponential Growth of Sovereign Debt of USA,
From $1 Trillion in a 100 years to $1 Trillion in A YEAR!

To add Misery to Havoc is the presence of the The Super Rich Elite or Oligarchs in control of the International Banks who have a Chance in a Century to Grab Great Wealth.

However, the advent of the 2008 Global Economic Crisis exposed a Major Fault in the System and has opened a Pandora's box whereby now, 100 countries want their voices heard and their rightful share or equity given. That is what G20 is about.

Can You see the Pandemonium?

All this while there are Basic essential matters to settle like, Pollution, Environment Conservation, Reduction of Poverty, Healthcare for all, Unemployment, Food and Water shortages.

Now to put the Cherry on the cake you have the Military-Industrial Complex, Terrorism, Freemasons, The Rise of Corporatism and the Fall of Democracy.

Obama mentioned in his 2009, inaugural speech, The Many Centres of Power and this is what he meant. Did he inherit any of these problems. Of course Not. The World did. You and I did.

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