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Monday, November 1, 2010

Banking and Finance 2010

Dr M: Banking, finance need to be regulated - STAR, 2/11/2010
"Banking and Finance needs to be Regulated. The 2008 Global Economic Crisis took place because the Market is Left to Regulate itself." Dr.Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister, Malaysia, 1981 - 2003:- The STAR, 2nd Nov 2010:
An Economic Plan for America « Arcanum Deep Secrets:
Zarinah: Right balance in emerging markets vital

China and India lead as Asia shows growth
Asian markets mostly higher in early trade
M'sia market index inches closer to all-time high
Call for control on hedge funds
Is the auditing of firms and other sectors that bad?

UK, Germany agree on EU spending
Does white-collar crime pay?
Your 10 questions for S.M. Mohamed Idris
Most Malaysians cannot afford the high price of property
Blowing lethal bubbles again?
PRINT more money, inject them into the system and the problems will ease?

No easy passage for the bulls
Having a reasonable amount of debt is generally okay
MOST of us carry some kind of consumer debt. It could be in the form of a hire purchase, mortgage, personal loan or even credit card balances.
Importance of keeping a good credit record
Tay Han Chong talks about the importance of keeping a good credit record.

ICH: When Timidity is Treason.
You Tube: Financial Education: Robert Kiyosaki:
YouTube - America: The Silence of a Nation.:
The Federal Reserve: The Greatest Scam In History
The Weimarization Of America

America's Road to Fascism
There are some really GREAT articles and videos here!!!!

Glenn Beck - The Biggest Scam in History - 12/1/09
Glenn Beck - The Biggest Scam in History - 12/1/09
Mind Control Overview, Hypnosis, CIA MKUltra, Psychiatry, Conspiracy Theory, Psychology
My Secret To Success ...

"The Biggest Scam & Cover Up in US History"

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