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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Letter to Maya, USA

Thank You for this link, Maya.
A Closer Look At FDIC Bank Closures : Welcome To Jim Sinclair's MineSet
311 Banks closed since 2007. Only 30 closed in 2007; 60 in 2008. 120 in 2009. So you can see the Numbers picking up. Expect by Dec 31st - 150 Banks closed in 2010. Another 150 - 180 Banks will close in 2011.

Yes. Just watching any one Figure like this is sufficient for even an Illiterate to understand that USA is drowning in Debt. There are many other evidences. There should be a revolution in the Street. All this is Being Covered because the Super Rich Elite are trying to drown America irrepairably, intentionally - To initiate a New World Order where they will be The Supreme Inheritors of Not only USA but the whole EARTH.

Keep up your study on this matter, Maya. I expect a Major Global Crisis by 2016 or sooner - SUDDENLY. That is how they announce the truth. So that the people are frantic. Talk and share with only people who are ready to listen, otherwise they might put you down out of ignorance of the evil that surrounds us.

Modern Man has become so brain washed that he/she has reduced living to Birth, School, Work, Pay Bills and TV. This is a deception to enslave humanity.

There are nearly 30 other Major Nations drowning in debt World-wide. $50 Trillion disappeared from the Stock Market in the 2008 Global Economic Crisis. See Ireland's Crisis in today's News.

What can you do about it?
1)Be Prudent for the next 5 years. The Picture will get clearer.
2)Clear all your debts.

3) Invest in Gold and Silver.
4)Continue your watch in this matter.

Best Wishes
A Letter to Maya, USA:

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