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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

President of America

YouTube - End of Liberty:
Yes. The President of America is a wolf in a sheep skin.

I felt things were not adding up in 1997 with the Asian Economic Crisis.
Economists knew things were wrong but they were powerless to express. Their views were not popular with Bankers ...and Politicians. Then - 2nd Confirmation: Dot Com Crisis.
3rd Confirmation - 911
4th Confirmation - Afghanistan and Iraq War
5th Confirmation - SubPrime Crisis
Final Confirmation: 2008 Global Economic Crisis

Then I got into the internet and searched unbiasly. The evidence was over whelming. When the Cat has come out of the Bag, those in authority respond with Only 2 shocking Words, "SO WHAT?" "You benefited from it, the world benefited from it." - This is NOT True: There is More atrocities, Violence and Suffering today than ever in History. We are not aware of it Only because the controlled Media high lights certain perceived preferred items."
Also these opinions are important:

Marxism in USA:-

Today we live in a Conditioned Environment or Set Up World.

Poverty, Terrorism, Crime, Drugs, Sickness, Filth, Pollution, Ignorance, Climate Change, Recession, Immigration, Unemployment, Starvation, Bankruptcy and War are all there not accidentally or by God but by DESIGN and PURPOSE by a Global, Hi Tech Savvy, Hidden Government.

We need to educate our self on this matter so that when the inevitable MELTDOWN happens, we know why.

Information changes Behavior.
We make our choices and decisions according to the Information we are fed and that changes things over time. Everything is the Same Today as it was 100 years ago but why is our Life Style Different? Answer: Information, Experience and Perception.

Yes. In that sense Obama and Ben Benanke did the right thing to Print, Print, Print. It gave enough time, 2+ years, for people to comprehend the Financial World. If not I think there might have been World-wide Anarchy.
But at this point of... time nobody is going to Thank Obama and Ben for it. It is a very painful time for America. The American People have been betrayed by the US Corporates and the US Government. They have forgotten the rungs on which they climbed.

How do you Reeducate a 55yr old Man/Woman who has been sustaining his/her life style, for the last 30 years, by returns on investments on the Stock Market?
News headlines: Meet the REAL 9/11 terrorists:


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