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Monday, November 8, 2010

Good Bye US Dollar

Good Bye US Dollar:- QE2: Last Rites for the World's "Reserve Currency": Information Clearing House: ICH:
The Takedown of Glass-Steagall

I do not believe any Government on earth is interested in their people any more. People are mass produced, run through the same mill and The Status Quo gets cheaper and Cheaper People to do their biddings. That's What all this Global Economy Rebalancing is all about. That is ALL.

Will the People Understand: For 3.4 Billion people to be on the Rat Race treadmill called 21st Century lifestyle, there are 3.4 Billion people living with scarcity of Food, Housing, Water and Electricity? IS THIS JUST? Doesn't it stink up the nostrils? And then, there are the Untouchable Super Rich Elite in a category of their own. The world is in a mess. We didn't see it coming a decade ago. Do we now?

Brazil, China, World leaders call new US round of quantitative easing ‘clueless’
"America is printing Money just to survive." NIA, National Inflation Association:
National Geographic Malaysia store at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Prudent Bear’s Doug Noland in his latest Credit Bubble Bulletin:
"How China Buys U.S. Debt While Burying Its Own,"
"ForeclosureGate Could Force Bank Nationalization,"
"Time for a New Theory of Money",
"ForeclosureGate: Time to Break Up the Too-big-to-fails?"
On OpEdNews , "ForeclosureGate: Time to Break Up the Too Big to Fail Banks?",

Progressive, Liberal United States and International News, Opinion, Op-Eds and Politics:

Obama Dances With Indian Children

Peter Schiff on CNBC Fast Money 11/5/10: Dollar Demise?

The Coming Non-Linear World — Dollar :

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