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Friday, April 8, 2011

3 Years of Financial Crisis

I just completed a 2 Day AIF Symposium organized by Malaysian National Bank, Bank Negara: To cut a Long story short: In Conclusion: Another Financial Crisis is Possible and No one has the answers.
List of Financial Crisis in the Last 3 Years:
1) Global Economic Crisis;
2) US Debt Crisis;
3) EU Debt Crisis;
4) MENA Crisis;
5) Japan Crisis;
6) Asia Overheating Crisis.
=More Rubbish is Going to come out from under the Rug AND All the Governments are Going To SAY is "We Over Spent."

"The rationality of today's Irrational SYSTEM is You have Masses of Capital and Masses of Unemployed Labour side by side in a world that is full of Social Needs. How stupid is that?" David Harvey

Freedom Festival II 1015 Michael Shaw on United Nations Agenda 21.
David Harvey: The Crisis Today: Marxism 2009
The Corporation Nation Master (2010) - Full Length

Manna Fest 406 The Mystery of Fallen Angels Giants and Evil Spirits Part 2 (1 of 3)
As In the Days of Noah AWESOME! MUST WATCH!!
So will the USA adopt a different currency ?
One of the Speakers was from America - A Investment Consultant by the name of Daniel Stone - He Told me the World will just Carry on with its Boom and Busts. US Different Currency: Do not know - But almost everybody agrees the US Dollar will Fall. I think it will Fall to 50% its 2008 Value by 2020. And I think at least 150 Million Americans will be increasingly unhappy over a period of 20 years. The Government Citizens knew in 1970s does not exist.

George Soros is taking over our food industry! Stop this Bolshevik Plot Now Liberty and Independence
Why G-d chose to Judge the Nation of Japan: The 9.1 Mw Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami - Destination Y
An American Anthem

Miracle Planet - Asteroid Impact Simulation

Shocking! The USA was declared bankrupt in Congress on March 9th, 1933

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