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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fiat Money

Our Education and Media Systems are Properly Geared to take the Minds of The People OFF FROM FOCUSING on the TRUTH which will expose the Horrors of the International Banking System.

A cursory study of the Financial System will reveal that The System actually pits - brother against brother for survival.
It is the Cause for America protecting Israel.
It is the Cause for Families breaking Down.
It is the Cause for Companies Collapsing.
It is the Cause for the Stock Market Collapsing periodically.
It is the Cause for the Widening Rich - Poor Gap.
It is the Cause for the MENA and other Riots.
It is the Cause for the Bankruptcies of NATIONS.
It is the Cause for the irreparable Sovereign Debt Crisis Worldwide.
It is the Cause for the The Rising Prices in the Market.
It is the Cause for the unemployment crisis.
It is the Cause for the WARS - Real and Faked.

Lesson 1:
What is Fiat Money ?
Fiat Money is Money Backed by Nothing except a Government Promise. A Government Promise is hot air.

How is a Bank Having Money to Lend Others?
They do NOT have the Money in the 1st Place.
Someone has to borrow money from the Bank 1st.
The Banker than Prints money out of Thin Air.
This becomes the Loan.
Your Promise to repay the Bank now becomes the Bank's Money.
They now Lend more money based on your promise.
i.e. The Bank not only DOES NOT HAVE MONEY to start with, but after a person Borrows the Fiat Money; the Banks actually prints more than your promise and lends to others with interest. IT HAS NO LOGIC. JUST A BANK MADE INVENTION.

Who owns the Money Printing Press?
The Owners of the Federal Reserve in US is the World's Greatest Money Printer.
The US Dollar is The World's Reserve Currency.
The World was practically forced to accept the US Dollar as The World's Reserve Currency in 1971, inspite of it going off the Gold Standard because at the height of its Power the US refused to do business with any Nation that did not submit to this Lie. THE GLOBAL MONETARY SYSTEM was Hijacked. This was a Kind of Bullying.

Watch This Video: YouTube - Money As Debt-Full Length Documentary:

Lesson 2: To be Continued....
Money As Debt-:

Lesson 2.
If you cannot make sense of this World, ASK NOT what is GOOD for you. ASK what is GOOD for the INTERNATIONAL BANKING CARTEL. Ah! Then, everything will make sense to YOU. World domination of all Resources including People is their GOAL.

"If you control Oil you can control Nations. If You control Food you can control the People. If you control Money, You can Control the World." Henry Kissinger, 1971.

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