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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unethical Systems of the Elite Central Bankers

What the Elite Central Bankers did over the Last 50 to 100 years is Beyond Criminal Mentality. Instead of Sharing the Equity of the World fairly between all Races, Tribes and Nations, they actually DEVELOPED SYSTEMS to enmass wealth and power to themselves, block the great majority of the children of the poor from ever seeing lasting wealth and even parasiting on the weak and deprived to push their Secret Agenda of World Domination forward. That is Daylight Robbery by Trickery, Criminal Mentality and Not Ethical.

What are their SYSTEMS ?

1) Printing Money out of Thin Air.
2) Fractional Reserve Banking
3) Money backed by Nothing.
4) The International Central Banking Hegemony
5) Secret Societies
6) Double Talk and Double Deals
7) Bribery of National Leaders to upkeep their SYSTEM
8) The Stock Market as their Casino Boom Bust Machine
9) Maintaining Every Nation cash strapped
10) Lending more than they Earn.
11) Using the Media to Lie
12) False Flag Events
13) Unnecessary Wars
14) Transferring Factories from one country to another, building and destroying Nations.
15)The Free Trade Myth which Builds Markets and Destroys Markets AT THEIR WILL.

16) Using the Education System as their Propaganda Machine
17) Using Religion as a Means of Controlling the Masses
18) Discouraging the Development of Small Farms and Businesses
19) Bailing out Too Big To Fail Companies
20) Using the Internet to Spy and shutting down websites at WILL
21) The Legislation of a Totally unethical System from Top to Bottom.
22) Rewarding CEOs who fail to produce while retrenching workers.
23) Ensuring the Masses are Poor so that they surrender their Children to the Government to Feed, School, Control and Enslave.

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  1. agreed and well spelled out my friend.. weve got much work to do.. may this blog help awaken many..

    namaste david