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Saturday, April 2, 2011

EU and The NWO

It Took Me Many Years to Realize there are 7 Power Centres and Hence the Hoi Polloi can't figure out what's Happening. The 7 Power Centres:
1) The Royalties 2) The Clergy 3) The Merchants and Bankers 4) The Military 5) The Media 6) Academicians and 7) The Politicians. These 7 Centres are Forever having Meetings to SEE HOW TO CONTROL the Riff Raff.
(Don't ask me why they think they are a Superior Class. Ask Them.)
Market capitalization of the US Stock market: $16 Trillion
Market capitalization of the Global Stock market: $51 Trillio
n US Population: 315 Million - World Population: 7 Billion
Top Heavy World - Dangerous. 42 Million Americans: Cashless 90% of that $16 Trillion probably belongs to 40 Million Americans and 10 Million Foreigners. Oops ! That explains their arrogance. And the Same people control 90% the S.Market outside America. My guess is End of this Financial System in 2016 or sooner. Reason: We cannot Operate in the 21st Century, on a Financial System invented in the 18th Century. And we can't have an economic system based on infinite growth in a finite planet. Just Nonsense.
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