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Monday, April 4, 2011

John Pilger Documentaries

There were 2 Super Powers at The End of WW II: America and Russia. They thought it was their Privilege to Dominate other Nations Before the Other Super Power Dominates them. That is the War Game in 2 Sentences.
Democracy Now - John Pilger on Everything 1/4 - July 2009 -
The Secret Government

"200 Corporations Dominate a quarter of the World's Economy. General Motors is Bigger than Denmark. Ford is Bigger than South Africa." John Pilger
[1/7] The War You Don't See

George New Plan for Global Financial Regulation
YouTube - Total Destruction of Western World:

John Pilger The Hidden Power of The Media | Marxism 1996
John Pilger - Heroes (1 of 5)

Ring of Power - part 1 of 30
Jordan Maxwell - Things Are Not What They Seem

The European Union and A New World Order Part 1
3 cities of Empire:inner London city,Washington DC,Vatican part1

Agenda 21 For Dummies

Jim Rogers : Don't sell your silver CNBC 31 March 2011

pt 2/2 Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones Tv 30 March 2011

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