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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The The New World Order by Stealth

The NWO is creeping into every home by stealth. Observe the STRIFE:
1945 to 1970 - 50 Million Britons were Displaced by 200 Million Americans.
1970 to 2010 - 200 Million Americans are Displaced by 500 Million Chinese.
2010 to 2050 - 1 Billion Asians will be Displaced by 6 Billion Others.
Collateral Damage of NWO by 2050 - Another 3 Billion in Poverty, Scalor & Slums.

Total Control of United States (FULL MOVIE) Israel Lobby Zionist Dual Citizens:
YouTube - David Korten: Agenda for a New Economy:

Also Great Information on Geo-Politics & Research on Globalization:

Nice Colourful World Debt Clocks:
What a Beauty! U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time:

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