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Thursday, July 1, 2010

19 Signs the Economy is Worse

UN Report: Currently reading
YouTube - David Jeremiah - The Coming of Antichrist (1/3):
Ron Paul:
The Truth About The Economy: Total Collapse
YouTube - The Stimulus Fantasy, Fiat Economy and the Theft from the Future:

23 Doomsayers Who Say We're Heading Toward Depression In 2011

9 Signs The Economy Is Worse Now Than Ever In Your Lifetime

20 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy May Not Recover:
12 Charts That Show The World's #1 Growth Engine Is Sputtering
The Great Credit Exposure Pyramid:
20 Questions with the World's Leading -- Perhaps Only True -- Deflationist, Robert Prechter
10 Front Pages From Around The World
The Real Economy Versus the Wall Street Economy

EU Debt Crisis - Europe Banks Make Me Nervous: Niall Ferguson - CNBC

The Coming Market Crash

Get the picture:

2006 - US Subprime Crisis
2007 - US Economic Collapse
2008 - Global Economic Collapse
2009 - Global Stimulus Package
2010 - Fiat Economy Exposed
2011 - The Rise of a New Economic Order
2012 - Wall Street Reforms. Obama Dumped.
2013 - Global Stagflation for the next 10 years confirmed.

- Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One | Peter Schiff
YouTube - Lyndon LaRouche - Economy at Beginning of the End, July 22, 2008:
Why Canada's Housing Market Didn't Crash:
The Canadian Housing Dream 30 Jun 2010
Wall Street's War Against the Real Economy & We, the People:

Are the Financial Markets Risky ?
Joseph Stiglitz says, "Yes. In the last 30 years there were 100 Financial Crisis World-wide."
Translation: We are having a Bad System which many nations will Not Trust.

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