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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Crash of 2010

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Getting Control of Your Money:
Financial Literacy:
Historian warns of sudden “US empire” collapse |
YouTube - The 64 Trillion Dollar ARM:

Truth in the Elections:

Learn the truth about US National Debt:
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YouTube - The Forgotten Commandment:
The Forgotten Commandment - Beyond Today:
YouTube - The Dollar Bubble:

YouTube - Meltup:
The Debt Trap:
YouTube - Seven Easy Debt Elimination Secrets from the Bible:
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Beyond Today - Understanding Your Future:

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YouTube - Prof. Dr Muhaya_ "Givers Gain":
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The Cycles of History and Economics:
It's The End Of The World As We Know It...Again:

Doomsday Links:
Sustainability and Global Food Crisis - Vandana Shiva -:
Nine Seeds: Navdanya:
Civil Disobedience (featuring Dr. Timothy George):
The Coming Economic Depression 2010:

YouTube - Gardens, Guns & Gold (Pt.1) Surviving In 2010 GERALD CELENTE:
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International Forum on Globalization:

YouTube - The inevitable collapse of the dollar:
YouTube - Glenn Beck Housing Market Graph:

YouTube - The Crash of 2010 Is COMING To YOU!!:
YouTube - Inconvenient Debt - Glenn Beck:

12 Banks that make up Central Bank, and own the Federal Reserve:

(1) Rothschild Bank of London
(2) Warburg Bank of Hamburg
(3) Rothschild Bank of Berlin
(4) Lehman Brothers of N.Y.
(5) Lazzard Brothers of Paris
(6) Kuhn Loeb Bank of N.Y.
(7) Kuhn Loeb Bank of Germany
(8) Israel, Moses, Seif Banks of Italy
(9) Goldman Sachs of N.Y.
(10) Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
(11) Chase Manhattan Bank of N.Y.
(12) Rockefeller Brothers of N.Y.
Google them, study them, for they are our worst enemy!!

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