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Monday, July 26, 2010

100 Bank Failures - 2010

2010 Bank Failures Exceed 100, $17.2B in FDIC Cost
The Global Report:
YouTube - The Esoteric Agenda Part 1 of 13:
YouTube - Most Censored issues in USA:

Central banks start to abandon the U.S. dollar::

YouTube - U.S. Aids Abusive Cambodian Military Units:
Iran scientist: CIA offered me $50 million to lie about nuclear secrets
YouTube - The Most Censored Stories in America:
"Freedom (USA 2010)" at

The Fall of Obama:
2010 - 100 US Banks Closed:
Very Interesting Comparative National GDP Finding Tool:
The Economy Report: - US Falls

'Malaysia bankruptcy forecast is far-fetched':
United Nations International Year of Youth - 12 August 2010:
YouTube - Crisis of Conscience, Raymond Franz:
Corporatism, The Secret Government of the New World Order:

The Elites Are Wrong: Tom Sowell on how smart are we;
Jeffrey Grupp on Alex Jones Tv 1/3:Corporatism ...
Corporatism: the Secret Government of the New ...
The Elites Are Wrong: Tom Sowell on how smart are we.
The Crisis in the New World Order: The laws of economics are crushing them.

The Scariest Unemployment Graph
YouTube - Coming Depression's Channel:
"In future years, when the history is written, the period of the obama “presidency” will be referred to as the Looting of America". :
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America's Economic Report - Daily:

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