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Monday, July 5, 2010

Buy Gold & Sliver

Gold Market: video:
The Real Pirates behind America's Economic Implosion 1/3:
YouTube - Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve:
YouTube; Gold & Silver Will Win:
whygoldandsilver | June 21, 2010
Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones Show 02 July 2010:
Gerald Celente: The Crash Is Underway:

YouTube - Where does the money come from?:
David Icke on Jeff Rense 06/29/2010:
Where does the money come from?:

Web of Debt - Dollar Deception: How Banks Secretly Create Money

Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo:
8 million jobs lost, many forever 2010:
The Damned Generation Has No Jobs 2010:

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