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Friday, July 30, 2010

Deflation is at the Door

"I blame Viagra for this Scandal." Max Keiser
Peter Schiff for Senate 2010:
First person: An undocumented migrant student in the US
The Bilderberg Group & The Black Nobility:

Dollar Stress, Bernanke, GM, gold dealers:

Today's GDP Report Will Confirm That The Slowdown Has Already Begun.
Danny Schechter - 04-09-10 Air date:

YouTube - Dr. Howard Dean at Netroots Nation: What You Can Do For Health Care Reform:
Does Bernanke Have an Exit Strategy? | Robert ...

Even The Troops Are Waking Up:
YouTube -The crime of the time:
G20 Toronto Police Rape Threats Strip Search:
YouTube - Runaway Slave:
YouTube - Jeffrey Grupp -Corporatism - "The Secret Government of the New World Order":

YouTube - Social Media Revolution:
One Nation Under Siege Seige - Movie:

The Money Masters - How International Ba... - Movie
Fabled Enemies (Super High Quality, full... - Movie
YouTube - July 15, 2010 CNN: Highly Emotional Louisiana Woman Pleeds for President Obama's Help:


YouTube - Pastor Chuck Smith:

YouTube - Culture Beyond Oil at the British Museum:
YouTube - Slavery in the USA - Paul Craig Roberts:
YouTube - A Future Beyond Oil:
YouTube - U.S. Aids Abusive Cambodian Military Units:
YouTube - Lecture on foundations of law and legal anthropology - 1:

America wake up: Deflation is here -FinancialPost

Should China Dump Dollars for Commodities?
YouTube - The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class:
YouTube - Malaysia Truly Asia 2010:
M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender" ??? Fantastic movie !
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
Cathy Ford here is the whole thing and it is ugly.

web sites:,
We are reaching a historic tipping point with our national debt
Sun Could Set Suddenly on U.S. Superpower - Niall Ferguson

US Under Siege - Movie:
This was what we were fearing would happen.
Google - public data:
The Fall of Obama:
Quotes of the day:

George Soros - The Bubble of American Supremacy:
YouTube - Show The World !.:
YouTube - Alex Jones - Obama Deception Censored by NSA/CIA Controlled Google!! 1/8:
YouTube - Debt Slave George4title,

YouTube - U.S. Aids Abusive Cambodian Military Units:
Right Vs. Left Wing Bloggers:
Project Censored:
The Global Report:
No letup in foreclosures (Associated Press) #economy #banks #homes #foreclosures #mainstreet #RealtyTrac #eviction

"I blame Viagra for this Scandal." Max Keiser
Dollar Weakens Most in 14 Months Versus Euro on Signs of Economic Slowdown - Bloomberg:
NYC Health Department To Eat Away at the Profits of NYC Restaurants
China: most-favored-nation status - President Bill Clinton statement, Executive Order:

The Black Nobility:
Oil spill media blackout evidence: BP buying scientists to hide data:
Military Wives Fear Dreaded Knock at Door (they & their brave husbands dont know why either)
The Battle for Parkway: Business News:

Repeal Health Care Tax: Originally published July 30, 2010 here ...
Charlie Dent to Repeal Health Care Tax:
Oil spill media blackout evidence: BP buying scientists to hide data:
Military Wives Fear The Dreaded Knock . CBS News:
Marine 'excited to serve his country' (not die in Afghan b/c of Israel)

The USA has 1000 Military bases in 150 Countries Worldwide - Blowing up $1 Trillion a year, has a annual budget Deficit of $1 Trillion a year and then Prints $1 Trillion a year burdening each and every American with a debt of $400,000 - while only 1% of America can afford it. What kind of Economic System is that?

Jake Towne Calls on Charlie Dent to Repeal Health Care Tax ::
US media backpedal as the oil disappears. ...

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