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Thursday, July 1, 2010

2 Parallel Economies - Which are you Serving?

Unemployment in US.:
Insanity: Pelosi thinks unemployment cheques create jobs!
Sullivan on AIG -
Casino gambling. This is not the Free Market. Tax Payer is taking the Risk -

Economy Vs Government's Spending -
Why the Canadian Housing Market did not Crash:
The Real Economy Versus the Wall Street Economy:
YouTube - Marc Faber on the Financial Crisis - Drunk on Stimulus.(17/Jun/10) (1/2):
YouTube - Marc Faber on CNBC Print more Money: 6/17/10 - Part 3/3:
"The Global financial crisis has proved that the apparent strength of modern financial markets is illusionary." Dr.Abul Hassan, UK.

The financial markets have become so divorced from the real ...

By Dr. Adul Hassan:
the file
19 Signs the Economy is Worse today than a year ago:
The Fed has won the battle but they...
NIMBY, NUMBEE and Nod : Biofuels Digest

China Strategy for Q3 -

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