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Monday, July 19, 2010

Joan Veon - Governments, Banks and Crisis

Why We’re Ungovernable

July 14, 2010
Peter Schiff Interview – King World News
John Williams Interview – King World News
The Dollar's Predicament – Doug Noland, PrudentBear
Recession Continues to Batter State Budgets –
Housing Basics: Massive Supply, Faltering Demand – Charles Hugh Smith, OfTwoMinds
The $4 Trillion Dollar Question – Barry Ritholtz, Big Picture
Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide! – Satyajit Das, PrudentBear
Economics Is Not Hard - Part I – iTulip
Recession, Deflation and Deficits – John Mauldin
Ben Davies Interview – King World News
It's More Than Just Birth-Death – Frontline Thoughts
Krugman's Insanity, And The Hard Mathematical Truth – Market-Ticker
James Turk Interview – King World News
Bill Fleckenstein Interview – King World News
Fixing the Financial System and Double Dipping – Edward Harrison, Credit Writedowns
US Dollar's Collapse Inevitable – John Embry, Investor's Digest

The Housing Fix

This week's show - the big financial power grab – FTM Daily
7/17 It's the end of the world as we know it – Phil's Favorites
7/16 World at risk of folding in on itself – CNBC
7/16 When the states go bankrupt – Daily Reckoning
7/16 The US banking recovery is a sham – MoneyWeek

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