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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

911 WTC was an inside job

Why the Al Queda did not attack WTC on 9.11.2001. There were better ways:
"Struggling with issues of politics and power"...Duncan Green/Oxfam on
#chronicpoverty conference: The Takedown of Glass-Steagall:
Are you going to take advantage of these economic catastrophes?

CGES - Centre for Global Energy Studies:
U.S. slips in WEF's competitiveness rankings
YouTube - Peter Schiff 09/02/10:
Great Financial Blogs:
DrRonPaul2012 | September 02, 2010

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Clinton: Sudan a ticking time bomb:.
China Ousts U.S. as Most Attractive Market for Renewable Energy Investing
Happy National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month :
Ireland: Anglo Irish Bank plan will 'end uncertainty'

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