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Friday, September 24, 2010

True World History
YouTube - Communism in America 2010:
New website:
Find jobs with Monster Malaysia:
Obama tells UN leaders world has dodged depression
Big Government:

"We have these mothers who raised their kids in the 1950's determined to make sure that their kids and grandkids would never have to suffer like they did during The Great Depression and World War II...but in over protecting their kids they launched something in the 1950's which is a tidal wave that's now reaching our shores in the 2000's and they're bringing about exactly the tragedy that they had tried to avoid." John J. Xenakis
Author, "Generational Dynamics: Forecasting America's Destiny." John J. Xenakis

15 Bone Chilling Signs That Part Two Of The Double Dip Housing Crash Has Begun:
Expanded Video List
The Entire Library of Documentaries
Expanded Video List

Path to Asia:
Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance:
Killing Off the Small Farm: Alex Jones:
YouTube - Judith McGeary: Animal ID and The Government Plan to Eliminate Small Farmers & Ranchers! 1/3:

YouTube - Phantom Markets: Mysterious Heartbeat on the NYSE - Max Keiser:
Where ever you are Be Alert, Be Prepared, Be Happy. on Twitpic:
Keep them stupid and they will allow you to rule over them and will themselves reduce the population:
Jeff Gates on Israel and moneyJeff Gates
Malaysia - Lim Kit Siang:
YouTube - Cynthia Mckinney Israel owns the US Government - Ex Congresswoman, True American:

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