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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hypocrisy on Global Scale

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Angelina Jolie turns the spot light to Pakistan's Flood victims but help is still not coming

YouTube - France Strikes 2007 to Sept 2010:
Frankenfish: Genetically engineered salmon [VIDEO]
Obama rules out any compromise to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy - NYT

1% of the Population owns 40% of the wealth of the world. 35 million children die per day of preventable causes. 1 in 2 persons live on US$2/- per day. 1 Billion people are undernourished while 1 Billion people are Obese. Every 5 seconds 1 person dies of starvation. Only $35 Billion per year is needed to feed the needy; while $1 Trillion is squandered annually to support a Military- Industrial Complex!

100 Japanese commit suicide per day and the Homeless in New York is increasing. 86 Million barrels of oil are used per day and there is No sight of water and air pollution controls. With this kind of Picture - I think the Leaders of Nations and Religions are just Morons. To teach the Leaders, Corporations and Super Rich right behavior, the private individual citizen who can should just reach out to someone in need and give a handout in cash or kind. That is God in Action.

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