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Monday, September 20, 2010

President Bill Clinton 2010

YouTube Interview with President Clinton:

We must understand we live in an arena of phony economy. That is how it is. Period.

In the 2008 crash even the Rich lost their billions and their dreams. So when Banks are stimulated by fiat currency the first few rounds of stimulation will
go to the cronies of Power and Influence.
Only when they have had their fill does the stimulation trickle down to the public and small businessman.

This system, "worked" seemingly well from 1971 to 2007. However, the Debt/GDP ratio is the real indicator of trouble. For unexpected reasons of the greedy capitalist, this Debt/GDP ratio got higher and higher for reasons his greed could not fathom. Normally, just 1 year of stimulation would have corrected the fault; but now, 3 years and a $13 Trillion stimulation later, the Real economy has not started to chug.

It is like a stalled car engine that is not starting after cranking. Obviously, the word is out that the System is Faulty, it can be manipulated and there are many con men around to abuse the privileges. In one word, "Trust" is lost. I really cannot predict what will happen from here on but I am sure - The World, 25 years from now, 2035 will not look or feel anything like the year 2005.

Just as after 1945 a New World was created by 1970 so also after 2008, a New World will be recreated by 2035.
The Restructuring and Negotiations are going on right now behind the scene between the various centres of Power in the World.

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