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Friday, September 3, 2010

Plunder, a Wall Street story

Plunder, a Wall Street story:
Labor Day losing its meaning? [VIDEO]
Obama is an Agent of a Cabal to take the Fall of America:
YouTube - Teen pregnancy -TheMaxxlife's Channel:
'Namewee - Malaysiakini:

President Obama on August Employment Numbers:

Comments from Youtube:-
Half of American's don't pay taxes because they don't make enough TO pay taxes. That's because 90% of the wealth in this country is owned by 1% of the population. Here's a news flash: THEY ALREADY ARE TAKING THEIR JOBS OVER SEAS.

Over 16,500 Americans were losing their jobs each day. August, 2010

The economy is stalling, unemployment seems stuck at European levels of idleness, the federal deficit and the national debt are at historic highs, public confidence in Congress is at its lowest-ever level and big majorities of Mainstream Americans say Obama has the country on the wrong path. Obamanomics has failed miserably and it's time for everybody in this town to admit it so we can move on.

Predictably, the Obama stimulus bill has proven to be an extraordinary waste of borrowed money that has failed to create jobs, generate economic growth or do much of anything other than line the pockets of White House political allies. That and give $308 million in subsidies to BP before the Gulf oil spill disaster, and subsidize a study on what happens when monkeys snort coke.

1 in 6 Americans are now on some type of Gov assistance.1 in 5 Americans are now employed by some branch of Gov. 52+ mill Americans go hungry evry day.1/2 of the American populations does not pay taxes.When Obama and the Dems raise the taxes on the so-called billionaires and they leave the country, taking their companies and jobs with them to other countries, just where is the money going to come to run this country?Any ideas, from anyone, are better than what we are getting now.

And just exactly why are the corps taking their business overseas? In CA, the high corp taxes and extreme EPA regulations have caused 142 companies to leave the state for other states and countries with a friendlier business atmosphere and less strict EPA standards. Even green cos that developed their tech in CA are moving to other states/countries to manufacture their products. CA is Obama's ideal utopia of how our Country should be run. CA is bankrupt, the USA is well on its' way.

Almost daily, Mr. Obama uses his rhetorical skill to castigate businessmen who have the audacity to hope for profitable opportunities. No president since Franklin Roosevelt has taken that route. President Roosevelt slowed recovery in 1938-40 until the war by creating uncertainty about his objectives. It was harmful then, and it's harmful now.

Then there is Medicaid, the medical program for those with lower incomes. In the past, states paid about half of the cost, and they are responsible for 20% of the additional cost imposed by the program's expansion. But almost all the states must balance their budgets, and the new Medicaid spending mandated by ObamaCare comes at a time when states face large deficits and even larger unfunded liabilities for pensions. All this only adds to uncertainty about taxes and spending.

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