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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Manhattan Project

King World News: Manipulation and the Golden Bullet:
Jim Rickards on King World News - Sep 4.
Capturing the many aspects of poverty
There is a "need for a multidimensional view of poverty and deprivation”. Researchers at the Oxford Poverty and...

From Rajah & Theresa With Blessing...:
Top Secret:
The Story of the Millennium: The A.G.I. Manhattan Project:
Germany's Finance Minister: 'For the Next Few Years, We Don't Have Leeway' - Spiegel
Illuminati News Welcome Page:
Plan B for Obama on the economy - Thomas Palley
Prince Charles embarks on lavish train trip to spread

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Celebrities’ Shameful Bottled Water Habits Revealed!
End of the American Dream?
China Goes for Gold
YouTube - Go For Gold:

Exposing the long-term manipulation of the gold market:
Stephen Hawking`s - ``The Grand Design`` -:
What Obama inherited: 10 trillion and counting::
Inside the Medieval Mind |:
About Mathaba:

Top Documentary Films -:
(Documentaries Online) on Twitter:
The Secret of Oz
In 1996, in a documentary called The Money Masters, we asked the question why is America going broke.
Buyer Be Aware:
NSW - Police launch anti sexting video

YouTube - ZEITGEIST (The Spirit of the times):
Type 0 to Type 1 civilization
In Germany they opened up the world’s first fully automated restaurant or I have seen with my own eye the Metro “Future Store” in Germany too.
The resource based economy sounds very promising.,

Documentaries on Economics and Money:
The Transhumanist movement ! Cheers!
For anyone interested, watch here on TDF a film called “Future By Design.” As well, I recommend “Zeitgeist Addendum” and the lectures “Where are we now?” and “Where are we going?” by Peter Joseph on a resource-based economy and the possibilities it holds.

Review:The Corporation (Documentary) - PESWiki:
YouTube - THE CORPORATION [4/23] Externalities
Watch the Corporation online (very low resolution)
Stark Example of Corporate Sleaze: IBM and the Nazi Holocaust

The film documents a number of examples of severe sleaze on the part of corporations, illustrating the psychopathic nature of "person" designation and legal protection, but with no conscience, with money being the driving factor, not ethics.

During World War II, Adolf Hitler would not have been able to do what he did in exterminating millions of Jews if it were not for the database assistance of the punch card technology supplied to his regime by IBM. The devices required monthly servicing by IBM technical persons, and several machines were housed in some of the most notorious concentration camps. The film documents that IBM was knowledgeable about how the machines were being put to use, and yet continued to supply the support needed to keep the technology in place.

A book by Edwin Black, whose parents were victims of the holocaust, soundly exposes this episode, drawing from 100,000 source documents. See IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation.

Obama on the Republican agenda - Obama on the Republican agenda:
Germany's central bankers really want to be hated:
Our ‘Dumb Wars’ Will Go On: By Stanley Kutler “It is time to turn the page,” ...
The Secret of Oz |:

Beyond the Within & Without - | Dhyan Vimal TV:
The 8 Internationalist Organizations, Published in 1979-80 :
U.S. Debt Clock

Buying Access in Washington: Join the Live Chat
Brooks World Poverty Institute - The University of Manchester: Joseph Stiglitz
YouTube - World War 3 - Israel, Iran, And Russia:

YouTube - Surviving the New World Order:
YouTube - - Go to

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