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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Superpower Home
YouTube - Lifting the fog - Intrigue in the Middle East (Part-1 of 9):
YouTube - Noam Chomsky, On Manufacturing Consent (1):
YouTube - Celente on 2010: Wave of Terror, Internet revolt & War on migration:

Gerald Celente on Wisconsin Public Radio Ben Merens Sept 15
Shocking documentary videos
Global Research on Globalization TV:
YouTube - Webstar Tarpley - The Coming War With China:
YouTube - Webster Tarpley Tears Ron Paul and Peter Schiff:

YouTube - Facebook Vídeos:
YouTube - How Weed Won the West. MOVIE:
YouTube - SuperPower (2008) - excerpt:
YouTube - Super Power.wmv part 1 of 12:
YouTube - The American Matrix - Age Of Deception (part 1):

Gerald Celente The Obama Economy with Host Paul Watson on
Bob Chapman: Unemployment Rate is Really Over 21% - The Alex
John Stadtmiller Sep 07 2010- Robby Noel, Bob Chapman-
Superpower Home
Your Qualification Application to make money online:

Centre for Research on Globalization:

How Weed Won The West part 1 - MOVIE
YouTube - How Weed Won The West part 1:
YouTube - Kevin Booth Exposes CIA Controlled Drug Running Business - Alex Jones Show 1/4:
Big Pharma has put millions of non-"drug" users on hallucinogenic prescription drugs and instituted new forms of addiction and dependency, challenging our outdated notions that is only "illegal" drugs doing harm to our people.

YouTube - Peter Schiff - How the Economy Grows and why it Collapses!:
Peter Schiff - How an Economy Grows & Why it Crashes
Re: How an Economy Grows and Why It Doesn't (by Irwin ...
Peter Schiff July 3 2010 FREEDOM WATCH
CURRENCY COLLAPSE: How the US Government Is Destroying the
The Alex Jones Show LIVE - July 12th 2010 - Part 13 of 14

The Alex Jones Show LIVE - July 12th 2010 - Part 1 of 14
Older Unemployed Struggle to Rejoin the Work Force -

Peter Schiff - Our Economy is Destroyed!:
Big danger threatening all us, huge trend exploding right under our nose. Escape Now

Global Research Articles by Barbara-Anne Steegmuller ...


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