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Monday, December 28, 2009

Global Economics and You

Dear Friends and associates,
2009 has come to an end and the Global Economic Crisis seems to have been overcome with the rise of Green Shoots. However, World Reknown Economists and Nobel Laureates like Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman strongly advocate and predict that the Crisis is NOT OVER. Which side are you on?

If You are making money in this Economy, it will be absurd for me to think that you will agree with people like Noam Chomsky. The chances are you may agree with the controversy if your personal economy is not going well. We all need some psychological props to retain our sanity too.

However, The Secret is Open and the Story is Over: Buyer Be Aware.

The Coin has two sides, so as the day follows night, in death there is Life.

Is the World all that Bad? So, What is Bad?
Nothing is Right or Wrong until you experience the fruit of you own actions. Sometimes the result of our actions are delayed by a generation. We are a more educated class than our forefathers. We are a more informed class than our predecessors. But above information and education is Wisdom, Discernment, Discretion, Critical Thinking, Life and Survival.

The Days of Justice, Transparency, Human Rights and Truth in the next 30 years will be bleak. The New 21st Century Challenge is: The Human Race must seek for a New World Order and live with Urbanisation, Technology and Industrialisation without creating Wars and Destruction to the Cycle of Life.

The Days are set up for the denationalization of nations. The chances are The Top 10% of The Best Human Capital available in a Nation will Flow out of it. The Evidence is Blatant. Immigration and Illegal immigrants are the order of the Day world over. The Giant Pharmaceuticals have paraded their Good as well as evil wares over the last 60 years just as the Giant Banks have inflicted Good and Evil world-wide.

As For the Giant Banks, I will with No bars held say that They Have Done More Evil Than Good. The Global Debts today stands at more than USD 200 Trillion. America alone has printed USD 4 Trillion in the Last 3 years. This is Not sustainable. To Repay this back to the Banks is an Impossible Activity given The State of World Affairs in Politics and Otherwise. Never in the History of Humanity has there been a Global Policy that says, Love thy Neighbour who is lesser than you. Can such a Policy be implemented? I doubt. Today we live in a world of not White Knights but Vulture Organisations which prey on the weak to such a level of sinister tricks as to even parade images of the poor to seemingly collect donations for the poor but infact the money goes to prop politicians pockets.

We Live in Complex Societies controlled by impersonal Forces. There is the Man Made Military - Industrial - Banking Complex. There is the Banking - Government - Corporate - Media Complex. And there is the Rise of a Global Network of Cooperations between the Various Fields of Healthcare, Merchants, Military, Religions, Royalties, Educators, Inventors and Financial Institutions. There are already present many centres of Political Power.

Every Trade and Industry from Prostitution, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Minerals (even Diamonds), Food, Water, Media, Arms, Transport, Telecommunications, Energy, Banking and now even Healthcare seem to have their own SECRET Global Cartels, Society and Underworld Programme running concurrently Linking themselves with High Governmental Bodies through professional Lobbyists who have NO FEAR to do anything to accomplish their agenda of gaining money and power including eliminating out-spoken public figures. The CIA is also Nicknamed - Cocaine Importing Agency.

The Great Democracy of the 1970s to 2000 is Dead. The Esteemed Modern Capitalism which rose after 1945 from the asses of World War II grew into a Man made Frankenstein whose global tentacles has corrupted, twisted and perverted the mind of every sane Man on EARTH including the Pope and President of USA.

Today even innovation is garnered and systematically acquired by Multinational Corporates for their own Agenda of building certain favored parties. In our naiveness We have allowed them to grow ridiculously so large that we have to perpetuate them even if we know we are living a bluff.

Land Grab by giants are the order of the day. The Bodies which can possess Food, Water and Energy sources of the Future together with Top Military, Banking and Human Capital will be the POWER HOUSE of the Future. The Rest of us will be Slaves.

The Slaves will be of 3 Catergories:
1) Mental Slaves - Mass Produced, Knowledge Workers.
2) Physical Slaves - Semi- skilled workers.
3) Total Slaves - Whose salary is below the cost of Living.

The Above will Comprise 80% of the Human Race in 30 years time - Come 2040, the Global Population will be 10 Billion and 8 Billion will be Slaves. Plots will arise on how to deceive the masses systematically by giving false hope and inventing trouble and play acting solutions just to keep the masses in control through FEAR, SHOCKS, Tragedies, Toil,Toll and Trouble !!!

What Fools are the UN, World Bank, WHO, UNESCO and IMF making of the People when they are pondering the building of all kinds of Mammoth Projects when 50% of the World Population are illiterate and has insufficient FOOD, WATER, ELECTRICITY, Roads and Telecommunication ? Friends, common sense has not been thrown out of the window but a Global Hegemony is infact silently and subtlely being built by Global Oligarchs and their minions for Global Dominance.

Wake Up! 90% of the World is Financially illiterate, yet they go on playing, buying, selling, borrowing, saving and investing

The average human being is a Family making Fool
to be Toyed by Politicians and Planners as if they are playing with ants by printing Money, inflating prices and tinkering with Bank interest Rates. Can you imagine the height of the Audacity of What Governance really means ? It just simply means tinkering with the Lifes of The Masses en mass so as to appear justice has been served. But in Truth it is all Relative and it is All Perspective.

What is True Today is False Tomorrow. In conclusion, I strongly advice you to go take some time and visit the various links in this Blog to Educate Yourself because this Truth Nobody can teach you until you deem it your privilege. Have a Good Day. In Parting I wish to say, Value your Life and Do Not Let others Steal it from You. You Only Live Once. Bye.

Happy New Year, 2010!
David Jeremiah
In 1980 - The World seemed Rosy & Marching up the Right Path.
In 1990 - U.S.S.R. Collapsed.
In 2000 - Asian Economies were in Doldrums.
In 2010 - The World is in Doldrums.
In 2020 - War? ; Stagflation? ; Fascism ?
Maybe these chain of Events should make you sit up and think about your future!

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