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Friday, December 18, 2009

The World is Bankrupt

As this Global Economic rot is 100 years in the making, it will go on until it implodes!
"It is not possible to make the authorities understand economics because their
salaries depend upon they NOT understanding it." Upton Sinclair

Prepare yourself for the Great Collapse which I estimate should surface by the
end of Obama's Term in 2012. Latest by 2016. (8 year Cycles)
35 Million American citizens are living on Food Stamps!
35 Million illegal immigrants are residing in USA.

100,000 Refugees in Malaysia.
50,000 Beggars in Malaysia.
2 Million Malaysians live Below the Poverty Line.
2 Million illegal immigrants in Malaysia.

Always remember, we have been partakers of the Great Ponzi Scam which
originated in USA from 1913.
When those hoodlums are questioned about it, the automatic reply is,
"Did you not also benefit from it?"
Yes, Unwittingly, 3 Billion people world-wide have participated,
directly or indirectly in this GREAT PONZI SCHEME OF SATAN and our
children will Pay for .
THERE is no escape!

1)The Fallen Nature of Man
2) Globalization
4)Rapid Global Industrialization and Urbanization

5) Stock Market

6) Hedge Funds
8) Financial deRegulation
The Nett Result is what we are experiencing.

Alan Greenspan Finally Admits,"The Markets DO NOT REGULATE THEMSELVES."

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