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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Hidden World War - Connect the Dots Yourself

"We cannot expect the authorities to understand the financial situation
when their salaries depend upon they NOT understanding it." Upton Sinclair

Upto date there has been zero signs of Banking & Financial Regulations.
Since 1985, the 8 years Booms and Bursts cycle were getting worse and worse.
Obviously the authorities refuse to learn their lesson,
continuing to Not walk their talk, as if the peoples' memory is so short.
We can only await an impending coming Greater Financial Crisis.
This time we do not have to wait for 8 years.
It will happen within 3 years.

"The World has unwittingly collaborated with those who use and abuse them." David Jeremiah
"Democracy is in Crisis." John Naisbitt, reknown author of Global Megatrends.
"Capitalism is in Crisis." Jomo K. Sundaram, UN Asst Secretary General of Global Economic Development.
" The world's economy is controlled by Opaque Family Business Groups." Dr.Cheng (Harvard Scholar)
"The world economy is controlled by global military-industrial complex." Noam Chomsky

"There is a shadow world government." Tony Blair
"One World Government began in 2009." President EU
"When the people have no money they roll back and die, when the Big Banks have no money the roll back
and print money. Who pays for it? The People of course. What type of System is that?" David Jeremiah
"The greatest tragedy in developing countries is that the connection
between behavior and reward is lost." Bill Clinton
"Every 6 seconds, 1 person dies of hunger." President,UN, World Food and Agricultural Organisation.

"The World Economy is being controlled by unregulated, offshore banking oligarchs." Alex Jones, Alternative Media Activist.
"35 Million US citizens live on Food Stamps, today." (10-12-2009)
"There are 35 Million illegal immigrants in U.S.A."
"35 Million People died in the Second World War."
"35 Million People died in Wars from 1945 to 2009. This is the 3rd World War." Matthias Cheng
"The Fourth World War has already begun." Matthias Cheng

"6,000,000 people per month immigrate to another nation per month in search of greener pastures."
25,000 Malaysians immigrate per month - mainly to UK,
Alan Greenspan finally made 1 admission, "The Markets do not Regulate themselves."
More and More women are divorcing after joining the labour market.
The Whole Education System is Geared Not to give you an education but to nurture, groom and dull your free spirit
to submit to a global hegemonic global labour-financial market, controlled by oligarchs.
"The World Economy is controlled by Oligopolies." Jomo S. Sundaram

To put it in a nut shell,
"The World Economic System is monopolised by an Offshore, unregulatable, Shadow, Military-Industrial Societies, Families
and Oligarchs.

The Hegemonic Oligarchs know it is possible to have a
Hidden World War without the public being aware:
50% of the World live from hand to mouth, driving to and from work, spending time on TV and family; shopping and settling bills occupy the limit of their, time, money and energy.
So, This is not a War of Guns and Bombs as in the Second World War.
It is a War of of steady and gradual sanctioning, by fear and threats of war,
by hunger for food and rationing of food to increase its price, punishing governments for not conforming to prescriptions by not investing in them,
with globalisation there is an extra whole world of 3 billion people, open and hungry for industrial development and urbanisation.
It is possible to have 1 nation with 2 parallel systems classified not by nationality but by occupation and job designation. This reduces 50% the population to the level of modern day slaves, meaning they are born to work for the global hegemony. Either Americans have to reduce their standard of living by 50% OR it has to import 35 Million foreigners to
work for them in factory camps for their food and shelter so that America can own its own cheap industrial base which is now in India,China and Brazil. i.e. Create A Chinese-Like factory-land within America to manufacture for the American Needs at dirt cheap chinese prices. Impossible? Right now, it is already happening illegally!

Arnold Swarzenneger said, "My relationship to power and authority is that I'm all for it. People need somebody to watch over them. Ninety-five percent of the people in the world need to be told what to do and how to behave."

"The Above statement is typical of the Totalitarian mentality of the Luciferians and the antithesis of who I am and what I believe in. For people to have any chance at life, liberty and happiness, government interference in the lives of private citizens must be kept at an absolute minimum. The Hidden Power which controls world events has been busy building fences around our lives, whilst our wives went shopping and we watched the football. Now, the choice is stark and singular; we either take back responsibility from those who would deny us the right to self determination, or submit to slavery. There is no `third way.` Philip Jones, Independent Jounalist
(1957 -2009).

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