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Thursday, December 3, 2009

One World Government

We are Moving in towards 1 World Government. 2009 was Beginning of 1 World Government. Not 1 Malaysia. 1 World. The Government always withholds the news until a convenient time to
break it.

Q.Are we heading for an economic collapse as well ?
A.Ha Ha. The Global Economy has already collapsed.
You are now living a Bluff Economy or War Economy.
1)If you stop doing what you normally do - Your Personal economy collapses.
2)You do more but achieve less.

Q. Is there a solution?
A. Of course, Nobody can dam a river forever.
Nature will take its course and find another way always.

Q. What about me?
A. Don't Panic. Maintain your health and Mental Composure.
Be a Good Samaritan and Educate the Public - 1 person at a time.
for numerous references on the New World Order.

1. Today's Headlines - Najib calls for New Economic Model.
2. 25,000 Malaysians Professionals leave Malaysia per Month,
for a career overseas. Today's Star:

I believe The Socio-Cultural Landscape of Malaysia in 2020 will
be very different - meaning 50% will be foreigners.

Q. What War Economy?
A. Global Expenditure on Military is USD 1 Trillion.
USA Expenditure on Military is 50% of that. Why?
7 of the richest men in USA can buy 40 Nations.
But that is paper wealth. To protect the Paper
you must have military.

The rest of the world are not allowed to
think for themselves "a new economic model". If the don't
submit to the WTO - World Trade Organisation - A Mafia type Organisation,
they will be ostrasised by no investment, etc. The Government is
paralysed and the opposition is instituted. E.g. are there all over
the world from Cuba (1959) to Latest Afganistan (2001). More people have died in wars over the last 60 years than World War II i.e. about 30 Million.
This war is more dangerous than open war because we do not know
why we are suffering and so we cannot correct it.

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