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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One World Economy, One World government

To Understand World Economy, Politics and Systems requires, time, sacrifice, money, information and above all experience. 99% of the People do not have the luxury of having all of the conditions. Therefore, many people walk up the path of life, taken for a ride by others who appear smarter than them. As such, I have written a comprehensive, concise and precise chapter to enable more people understanding the present Global economics and Politics so that they can prepare for the unveiling of a New World Order which has begun but can be tangibly felt by 2020. Please read it and e-mail it to your friends so that we have an informed and educated class which reforms the system to common sense and common gains:

4 Events have changed the world as we know it forever:
1) Fall of Berlin Wall - 1989
2) Fall of U.S.S.R - 1992
3) Fall of Twin Towers - 2001
4) Fall of the Global Economy - 2008

So Prepare for:
1) 1 World Economy,
2) 1 World Government,
3) New World Order,
4) Corporatism

Those under 40yrs are just immigrating from 1 Nation to another chasing the MONEY! They are not Bothered about Politics, nationality, race or culture. All they have is a skill and all they know is a corporate culture. What they seek is stability, security and life-style. By 2020, 50% of most nations will be foreigners. Only from Malaysia 25,000 people migrate per Month. An Estimate of 6,000,000 people are migrating from the nation of their birth per month for better opportunities in greener pastures!

The World as we know it has already changed forever. Democracy and Capitalism is in Crisis since October 2008. America, the engine of Global Economy is Bankrupt, due to Corruption and Cronyism.

The Depth of the Corruption is World-wide, such that: The only way is to share the wealth of the World, i.e. to share the Economic Burden of the World. The Economic Burden of Allied Countries will be Pooled and The Global Pie will be shared, Not among Nations but among Multinational Corporates. This enables the transfer of Wealth to individuals who own the MNCs.

Every time the Giant wins - Only a few keep the wealth. When the Giant loses, He shares his losses with the World. Some gain in the process.

Multinational Corporates are owned by the same people world-wide. According to Alex Jones, Just 20 People on top of the Global Hegemony control the entire World Economic Pyramid.

The British Empire was Bankrupt after the 2nd World War and had to repay money to the money lenders who sustained both sides of the war. After the War, To ensure that wealth was still transferred to their coffers to pay their debts, the British conveniently handed nations over to their cronies in the name of "independence" to avoid disgrace and to enhance management of wealth transfer.

But to who is all the wealth transfered? Not to all the British People, but precisely to "The Money Lenders, on top of the pyramid order!"

The Money Lenders have been supporting Both sides of World Wars for Generations since 1770. The Money Lenders Belong to Families such as: The Rockefeller, Warburgs, Bildebergs and The Royal Family of Britain.

Today, The American Empire due to its Corrupt and decadent Brand of Capitalism, Democracy and Economics ( which started after The second World War) is Bankrupt due to Hedge Funds, Derivatives, sub-prime loans, offshore Banks and unlimited banking deregulations.

Today, six giant corporations own and control the vast majority of our media.
Media Mogul consolidation undermines a basic tenet of democracy i.e. easy access to diverse sources of information. Independent alternative media is more critical than ever for the future.

As in 1945 The only way to retain the wealth and cover the corruption is to redistribute the Wealth to avoid opening the Pandora's box. At Present, at the highest levels negotiations are taking place on how to share the equity of the World as was happening between 1945 and 1965.

In the process, 1 World Government, 1 World Economy, 1 World Currency, will be formed over the Next 20 to 30 years. As always - There will be:
1) winners ( loyal cronies ),
2) losers (people who are uninformed) and
3) collateral damage (as in refugees and those internally displaced)

The World as we know it is changed forever.

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