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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Homes for People with Disabilities (PWD)

"The Greatest injustice in developing countries is that the connection between behavior and reward is LOST." Bill Clinton

There is a Rise in the Number of Homes for "PWD" - People with Disabilities.
1) Old Folks Home
2) Orphanage
3) Poor Children's Home
4) Single Mothers' Home
5) Marginalised People

6) Disaster Relief Centre
7) Disease Care Centre
8) Refugee Centres

Famous Homes / Centres like these :
In Malaysia:
1)Malaysia Care - 30 years
2)Malaysia Peace - 13 years

World-wide Fame:
1)World Vision
- 60 yrs
2) Mother Teresa's Centre - 70 yrs

Why the Demand for such Centres will grow over the Next 20 years:
1) Globalization
2) Corruption
3) Famines
4) Natural Disaster
5) Ruthless Urbanisation & Industrialisation
6) Contagious Diseases
7) Wars
8) Aging Population
9) Shortage of Food Supply
10) Increase in Food and Oil Prices
11) Prejudice
12) Qualification by Cronism not Merit

Brief Report:
These Centres begin as an insignificant centre but due to the enormous injustice
against humanity, etc. with proper vision, leadership and finance., these centres
grow to be centers of employment, growth, influence and even profit.

My intensive and extensive research on this matter over
the last 2 years and personal talk with people has convinced me of the urgency for
such Centres. If done legally, properly and professionally - support can be got from
the Government, Corporates, Public and even International Bodies - after it is
proven and tested worthy.

Post Script:
Infact the need is so high that there are a lot of counterfeit Centres, masquerading
as welfare homes, to collect money from the public.
Call it what you like: A Trade, A Trend, A Bogey Man or A Deception but what is REAL
is the Number of PEOPLE labeled "PWD" - People With Disability IS INCREASING.

Statistics in Malaysia:
6 Million Need a Hand, finance, care-givers, clean water, electricity, healthcare, rehabilitation. Described as a BOTTOMLESS PIT (or an endless opportunity).

World Statistics:
1.02 Billion - Living Hungry for food.
2 Billion - Living on Less than USD 2 per day!

For a Study, Check Out:

The New Global Trends not in the MainStream News Media:

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