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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Musical Chairs Economy

"The Decage of BIG ZERO - 2001 to 2010." Paul Krugman

The Stupid Government
s are practising a system of Giving with one Hand and
taking with the other. Taking from 1 Pocket and Putting in another Pocket.
It is Not a Positive Growth System. It is a Bluff Economy. It is a Musical
Chairs Economy or a Russian Roulette Economy.

This is the Same system practised by the Stupid American Government and Most of Present World System as we Know it. There is No Solution to this Madness
accept the Ultimate Collapse of it which should happen by 2020 unless over the Next 10 years the Governments focuses its Governance on Professionalism, Education & Meritocracy - which again will be masked by Global Elitism because the Majority still value Money not Justice. The Money - Debt - Slave System is as old as Mankind!!!

The Way of America is Tending towards Fascism and the same can be expected
the World Over. Democracy is Dead; Capitalism is Dead. The World is Bankrupt.
The World Economy cannot sustain the present Global Debt of USD 200 Trillion
The Middle Class will become Debt Slaves.

Our System is Not Government of the People but People of THE MULTINATIONAL
CORPORATES, and the Government, to survive, bows to the dictates of the MNCs
and sells the Souls of the People to The MNCs. This is the Global Hegemony which
is No better than a Giant Ponji Scheme played by Bernard Madoff.

We are all dying for Trade and We are all dying for Foreign Direct Investments. Both these factors are in the Hands of The Government to control, distribute and manipulate at will. There will always be 20% the Public Contented, 30% thinking they can do better and 50% Lost in Misery.

With The Main Stream Media only showing the Good side, it is possible to control
dissent and "Manufacture Consent". However, when this 20-30-50 Mix is upset,
and it becomes 20-10-70, the World will beset by one Revolution after another
as seen in Iran now!

The Culmination of Democracy and Capitalism at its Best Epitome was experienced between 1975 and 1980. 1981 to 1996 was the Era of Hijack of Global Systems by Manipulation, Greed and Corruption 1997 to 2007 we saw Total Global Hubris. 2008 & 2009 were Global Recession and Depression Years. Today we are paying the price by experiencing the Ugly side of Capitalism and Democracy.

"The Emperor is Naked but he thinks he is wearing New Clothes."

Below is the progression Recent History in Decades:
In 1980 - The World seemed Rosy & Marching up the Right Path.
In 1990 - U.S.S.R. Collapsed.
In 2000 - Asian Economies were in Doldrums.
In 2010 - The World is in Doldrums.
In 2020 - War? ; Stagflation ? ; Fascism ?
Maybe these chain of Events should make you sit up and think about your future!

Bye Bye 2009, Good Bye 2010 Too! (Economically Speaking)

Global Economics and You

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