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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A War Economy

The Star, 21st/12/09
Arresting Malaysia’s relative decline

"If the individual evades his financial responsibility it is a crime. If the Big Banks evade their financial irresponsibility the people have to pay for it. This is The New World Order." David Jeremiah
Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq: "1,339,771"

What is a War Economy?
In the words of ordinary People, A War Economy is "Wealth created by Creating Wars."

This is Not a New Concept. It is as Old as 400 years. When we study, the pattern of Wars, Industrialization, Trading and Money Lending in the Last 400 years throughout the World, we will find a thread connecting these these activities.

Now there is evidence that there are Hidden Shadowy Financial Oligopolies since the last 400 years or more whose only Agenda was Global Dominance, Not Human Rights, Not Transparency, Not Justice. They understood the Basis of Controlling the average Humans.
There are 3 stages:
1) Fear
2) Solution
3) Control

We must understand the Global March for World Dominance did Not Begin in 1945. It Began 2000 years ago or more with:
1) Alexander The Great
2) Gengis Khan
3) Roman Empire

So if the ordinary people think that Global Dominance is Not TOP AGENDA in the Minds of the Global ELITISTS, this message is Not for You. Global Dominance is AGENDA NUMERO UNO.
All other agendas must bow and submit to this agenda or it will be obliterated. Let that sink into your head then you will begin to correlate all other global, UN, climate change, poverty-eradication, national, international and multinational corporate and banking activities !

Since 1600, The Banking, Insurance and Money Lending Industries Grew together with Trade, Industrialsation and Military Conquests of Far away lands, for the Purpose of Commodities, Global Resources and Cheap Human Labour (slaves). You Must understand that all these were simultaneous activities and a shadow hand was coordinating these Missions to favour a FEW.
The Main players for World Domination were Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Russia, Portugal, Italy, Japan and Spain since 1600.

We are aware of the Historical Power shifts over the centuries. Since 1945 - The Ball Fell on USA's hand to play the role of World Dominator. The Truth is The People Nor the US Government are the Perpetrators. Over the centuries a group of Family Businesses have manipulated Governments through sinister underworld underhand tactics. They Changed their strategy over the centuries. Over the last 65 years their main strategy was lies, double talk and disinformation through the Main Stream Media, Multinational Corporates and Governments and world leaders including George Bush and Barack Obama.

To This Day, Nothing is different. What is Different is:
1) Brain Washing in the Name of Education,
2) Neo-colonialism in the Name of Independence
3) Mass Global Human Activity by giving the Masses a Fictitious Self-Image.
4) The Monopoly of Main Stream Media.
5) The False Creation of Wealth by Printing Money
6) The Unfair Legislation of Laws
7) The Subtle Burdening of the Human Race by Lending worthless Dollars Printed out of thin air.
9) By selling unnecessary Mass Produced Goods and Services to People in Debt.
10) The Control of Manufacturing and Distributorship by Cronies of The Elite.
11) Land Grabing by MNCs so that the poor can't even plant their own food and rare life stock.
12) The Control of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Machines by a few corporates.

By these Methods is: The Control of 21st Century Global Basic Necessities:
Food. Clothes, Houses, Land, Transportation, Telecommunication, Education, Health, Entertainment and Tourism by Mass Producing these things via a System that has No Fundamentals or Foundation i.e. by Printing Money and In Debting Nations to the Point of Forced Subservience. If they Did not Conform these are the Levels of Treatment:
Level 1) sanction,
Level 2) sabotage,
Level 3) rumour mongering,
Level 4) instigate uprising
Level 5) assassinate leaders,
Level 6) War

So Please put on your thinking Cap and take time to understand the Trappings of Globalisation.
Learn to say NO to unnecessary buying. The World is getting into a Trap Unheard of in 400 hundred years. Buyer be aware.

"The World is already bankrupt. Consumerism is Nothing but Borrowing Money that does not exist to buy things that you do not need to raise the The Stock Market Index so that the World's Investments may be siphoned through the Stock Market to a Few Well Connected and Influential Oligarchs, who lobby for wars on innocent powerless nation states. This Is The War Economy.

(35 Million People died in the 2nd World War.
35 Million People have Died in Wars from 1945 to 2009.
This was the Hidden 3rd World War.)

This is
also - The Greatest Robbery on Earth By the Powers that be. The World is Running on a Top-Down Management System. Every New Economy is a Turn Key Operation. e.g. In China 500 Million People have been lifted out of an era of scarcity to a world of Materialism in 30 years. This seems miraculous and can blind the eye of the naive and innocent but in reality, hidden in the shadows is a hidden Agenda to enslave the human race to be subservient to a small population of cronies of the oligarchs.
This Is The War Economy.

''World War IV has already Begun." Matthew Cheng
"The New World Order has already Begun." President EU

The World's Greatest Hope lies in the Power of the internet and like Minded People sharing this News with their friends through e-mails and group discussions. When 20% (critical Mass needed) of the World are awakened to the Truth, A New Fair and Just World will arise, avoiding the much feared Nuclear Annihilation.

Please e-mail This to your Friends. Time is Not on our side.
The Alternative is Corporatism, i.e. Communism controlled by Multinational Corporates.

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