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Monday, June 7, 2010

Currency Crisis & job losses

Jim Rogers: Financial Crisis is going to get WORSE:
Jim Rogers: The Dollar is Toilet Paper:

It's all about jobs and income:
In total the U.S. economy has now lost a net of 2.2 million jobs since President Barack Obama signed his stimulus bill. The Obama administration is now 7.2 million jobs short of what he promised his $862 billion stimulus would help create by 2010. Jeffrey Sachs finally relented: “Obama’s stimulus failed. The American economy has shed 8 million jobs since the recession began in the First Quarter of 2008.

unemployment rate is hovering near 10% not because of record job losses, as Biden suggests, but because of record job non-creation - SINCE 2001 ! massive government deficit spending does not stimulate job creation. Economic uncertainty: Obamacare, EPA carbon regulations, financial regulations and impending tax hikes. Renouncing these policies, and canceling the rest of the stimulus, would do more to spur private sector job creation than anything this White House has done so far.

U.S.’s $13 Trillion Debt Poised to Overtake GDP: Chart of Day -
US Debt Crisis?
Why Obama’s Stimulus Failed | The Foundry::
Oil Spill will take 5 months to clean:
the largest oil spill in American history
Canada's big lesson - stay away from Nationalized Medicine. #tcot #hcr #healthcare
Changes in China Could Raise Prices Worldwide

Swine flu and big pharma: the truth
How Big Pharma Profits from Swine Flu - BusinessWeek
Big Pharma(1/2)Modern Eugenics,Big Money,Big Control

Short Sharp Science: Swine flu experts and big pharma: no conspiracy
This is cool: Pictures of Shanghai in 1990, 1996, and 2010

China demonstrates its prowess once again - on the world's stage: Shanghai World Expo 2010 Opening]:

Stop drinking cola products, they are peeing on us. And making us unhealthy. free documentary about the cost of a coke.
Hungarian Solvency Concerns May Weigh on Euro for Years: Video:
Michael Hudson, Feb 23, 2009, "Orwellian Doublethink: 'Nationalize the Banks.' 'Free Markets.' The Language of Deception"

Keiser Report 48: 03 June 2010. Twitter Manipulates Twitter:
Max Keiser on Coca Cola:
"Asset Bubble in China." Edward Harrison:

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