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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Naked Anti-BP Protest in Chicago

Naked Anti-BP Protest in Chicago:
YouTube - This Anti-BP Protest will not be forgotten 30 years from Today - Chicago 2010:
Globalist Family Ties & Obama's Hidden Agenda 1/4:
The Urgent Case for Nullification: Tom Woods makes it brilliantly, says Tom Eddlem.

The Slippery Slide to Tyranny: The US is on it, says Thomas Sowell.

Americans Are Barely Hanging on: They're worried sick about the economic future, and rightly so, says G...
Thinking of Buying Silver?: Bill Sardi on the advantages, and disadvantages.

Police State Rule Number 1: The mundane must submit. by Will Grigg.

ouTube - happy birthday:

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