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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flotilla under Attack
Israel Navy Massacres Freedom #Flotilla Passengers in International Waters:
The Economy, The Illuminati, & 2012 - The Final Cut:Pt1:

The Money Masters - Part 1 of 2:
Government Transformation Programme:

Television Without Borders | Link TV:
Future Express: India - Path to My Dreams | Link TV:
Global Trends | Trends Research Institute:
Capitalism is dead in America;The Coming Economic Depression 2010:
The Crash Course(New) End of Money? Chris Martenson Part 1 of

6th World Islamic Economic Forum (6thWIEF) - News & Event:
If Americans Knew - what every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine
The end of money:

Dubai is Bankrupted:
Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama to step down: NHK
Dubai is Bankrupt & Emirates face disintegration !:

Dubai officially Bankrupt !:

Shanghai Sets Up E-Commerce Base
Hong Kong Property Developers Face New Marketing Rules
Main Stream Media Incompetent about inflation:

GRITtv: Mary Bottari: Auditing the Fed: a Progressive Wing
Politico: E. Warren, the Consumer agency that won't die!

Ron Paul : Fed Audit Under Fire 5/10/10
Money Isn't Worth What It Used To Be :
Seismic Shift in Consciousness by Edmond Yap:

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