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Friday, June 25, 2010

What Financial Regulation ?

Why Gold is True and Honest Money
YouTube - Outsourcing from overseas:
YouTube - Economy in Crisis's Channel:
House-Senate approves Wall Street reform:
Broadest rewrite of the nation’s financial regulations since the Great Depression.
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YouTube - Marc Faber: US govt will go bankrupt: - Truthdig/ Facebook
Pope Benedict, Grand Master of the Knights of Malta
Greece To Sell Rhodes, Mykonos: Bankrupt government to privatize 6,000 islands.
The Great Recession Saved My Generation: hope,

- Less Regulation, More Insolvency

YouTube - Democrats Covering Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis:
YouTube - The 2008 Global Financial Crisis...Simplified:
YouTube - Understanding The Financial Crisis--For Kids and Grownups:
Commodities Boom?:

The Case for a Second Round of Stimulus By Mike Whitney:
U.S. economic growth revised lower
Economy In Crisis |:
US Recession double dipping: NIA
YouTube - Celente: The World is run by Wall Street:

The economic recovery's a fraud. The stock market's poised for an imminent crash. History will record the Time from March 2009 as the "biggest suckers rally of all time." Know a thing or two about the past. After crashing 48.9 percent in late 1929, the DOW rallied 48.1 percent through mid-1930 -- bringing good money, good optimism, and good people back to the market.

Then, the market crashed 89.2 percent from its initial peak along with the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of a generation. Today's stock market is repeating this. Between October 9, 2007 and March 9, 2009 the DOW fell 53 percent. Since then it has rallied over 60 percent...before stalling out in January 2010.

Do you want to bet your retirement on the stock market? It might even be in stagflation mode for the next 20 years like Japan.

Gerald Celente: The US is run by Wall Street | Gerald Celent

' Worst economic collapse ever'

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