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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Real Economy has made No Improvement

Australian Government To Force Internet Users To Install State-Approved Software
BP Oil Disaster Costs U.S. State Pensions $1.4 Billion in Value
Obama's Home Affordable "HAMP" Program a Failure; Another Huge Wave of Foreclosures Coming
Time For A Serious Look At Housing Problems And Policy

Comparing BP to Wall Street: Can We "Fix" It?
Norway Foreign Minister Blasts G-20, Calls It "Greatest Setback For International Community Since World War II"
FDIC Holds off Raising Bank Insurance Premiums, Expects Bank Failures to Peak in 2010
Gear up for another lost decade in real estate. Housing will remain stagnate from 2010 to 2020

YouTube - 1,000 Dead Americans in Afghanistan: - Since 2002
Europe spurns Obama's plea for more spending
The next big economic crisis - | Oil catastrophe:
YouTube - President Obama on the BP Oil Disaster:
Moving Beyond Oil:
Sierra Club::
World Leaders Attack U.S. Dollar

Poll Shows Americans More Concerned About Jobs Than Oil Spill
Oil Drilling Ban Hits Gulf Coast Hard

World Leaders Attack U.S. Dollar:

A MAJOR GLOBAL ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION POWER GAME IS EMERGING FROM THE ASSES OF THE 2008 GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS BETWEEN THE RICH AND THE EMERGING NATIONS TO SHARE THE GLOBAL EQUITY. Most people are only seeing the rise of one world currency or a bag of currencies. That is only important to the Rich. 85% of the world who are only striving to be rich will claw each other to wealth/poverty if they do not understand the Power Game behind the Struggle.

The starting point of understanding is to realize: Capitalism and Democracy as we know it is dead. America is Bankrupt after the Global Economic Collapse of 2008, just as Great Britain was Bankrupt after the 2nd World War of 1945. Do you think it will be wise for leaders to say the "B" word? Of course not. We have to read what is written on the wall and below the line. So what G20 is doing is amicably sharing the Global spoil. That will take 25 years of negotiations, wars and upheavals. Yes, Greenspan is right, "America has got commitments for the next 30 years that it cannot keep." That is the crux of the Problem which is an open secret.

The game of economic musical chairs is going to end suddenly, and the only chair left will be Gold. This is what the Complete and Total Economic Collapse of the United States and the World looks like on film:
The Federal Reserve and Alan Greenspan engineered the greatest financial catastrophe in history of the planet. The Federal Reserve must be audited and abolished!

Is Obama Antichrist - No, according to Dr. David Jeremiah,?
Checking out this site for finding buyers/sellers freelance work. Anyone use this before?
AmericanStudent What does Congress do? Learn about the US Congress here:
BP Alaska: A Ticking Time Bomb?

Here is a presentation put together by Jim Rogers that discusses what is happening in the world today:

YouTube - Jim Rogers - What's Happening In the World?:
Is it possible that all of the problems we are seeing in Greece, could end up in the US?
GDP in the US is going up! The US economy is on the upswing! Crisis is over! Right? Well not quite! Read this article:
A great video that explains the case for owning gold and silver as an investment:

Gold and silver are gathering steam in the investment arena.
Bravo, Ron Paul
he average investor must understand that USA or anyone cannot build a Real Economy on a False one. People have the notion that the US dollar as the world's reserve currency was there since Genesis 1:1. The Truth is before 1945 the British Pound was the world's reserve currency. In 1945 Great Britain won the war but was Bankrupt financially. It is not sensible for a Global Power to declare bankruptcy by announcing in the Media. Only people close to the seat of Power will know that. Then it takes 25 years for the information to trickle to the bottom of the hegemony. So by 1970, the US Dollar made itself known the world over even to the common man as the World's Reserve Currency.

Today we are facing a changing of the guards once again. The 2008 Global Economic collapse signaled the end of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. USA owes other nations $13 trillion. To put it in simple English it has reached the turning point of borrowing money from those it buys goods. Or in the terms of Greenspan, "America has commitments for the next 30 years, that it cannot keep." However, it would not be wise for Obama to declare that to the world. It will cause a stampede to banks and $50 Trillion may be withdrawn in 50 days. Nobody gains by that. So from G8 meetings in 1975, of the top 8 rich nations, they have expanded the meeting to become G20 in 2010, 20 nations. A sharing of the Global Equity is being negotiated and that may take another 10 years before we discover which currency and which Nation is Super Power by 2020.

The World, America, Capitalism and Democracy is changing right now. We cannot work or think the way we did yesterday to maintain our daily bread.
The TOTAL U.S. debt stands at $104 trillion, according to Richard W. Fisher, president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank.

In fact if you consider the the Foundation of Capitalism is the Printing and Distribution of Money; the Growth is a Fake; the Crash that Follows can be Manipulated, and the restoration of the Economy is by Stimulus Packages, all given fancy names, - The Whole of Capitalism begins, proceeds and cycles with one lie bigger than the preceding one. How is the average man to set dreams, goals and plans for his/her life through investment vehicles when this nincompoop capitalism can give and take to favor some and disfavor others ??

The G8 can't wait till October to talk global health
Spirit Airlines: “Check out the oil on our beaches”
The TOTAL U.S. debt stands at $104 trillion, according to Richard W. Fisher.

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