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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Zionists & World Government

Obama: Strongly Approve 26%... Strongly Disapprove 41%... Approval Index: -15... Total Approval: 49%...
Great rebuttal by CNN anchor against a Israel Spokeswome,n:
Globalist Puppet Barack Obama EXPOSED!:
Salbuchi - World Government: Accept or Resist? Part 1 -

Just as the British Empire ended in 1945 and was NOT admitted, The American Empire ended in 2008 with the World Economic Crisis and was NOT admitted. The world must realise that it is in no one's interests for Empire to declare it has collapsed - if it does - it will result in chaos and anarchy. Just as after 1945 a great Power sharing game was going on between Britain and the powers that be - RIGHT NOW - behind the scenes a Wealth, Equity and Power sharing game is going on.
Of course, just as after World War II, the Power sharing was Not easy and took 25yrs to get some where; the Power sharing game that is going on now - behind the scene - will also take another 25yrs. Did any one envision in 1945 what 1970 would be like? No One. Right. No one can envision now how the geopolitics and socio-economic & political landscape will be in 2035. The world does not have a model to predict.

A few things are certain: 1)America as we know it has collapsed 2)Capitalism and Democracy is Dead. We are living in a state of flux, uncertainty and fiat. Fiat Currency; Fiat Government; Fiat Lifestyle!

Gary Franchi is not only restoring USA, he is also saving the World. Those bankster-congress Cabals have not only hijacked USA, they are right now planning to loot the world. The planning of the Greatest Robbery in the History of the World is underway. Obama is just the smoke screen. There is something else happening behind the scene and Americans must learn to read the signs - otherwise - you asked for your rights to be taken away and your children to be the slaves of Oligarchs!

Wake up America - Go Watch the movie:- "Don't Tread on Me". This could save the World. Know how your rights are being pulled from right under you feet - while you work, watch TV and pay your bills.

Why the world flocks to US ? It is a habit, stupid ! Reenforcing that are the Centres of Power that have vested interest in US and have been emotional dancing partners for the last 4 decades. How do you break such habits? Maybe, people got to see more unemployment, more foreclosures, more bank closing and more food lines ! Every bit of Western Commercialism is based on Hubris, Manipulation, Bait and Switch Tactics and pandering to the baser instincts of human beings of wanting quick easy fixes at the cost of 2 billion people suffering in developing countries world-wide.

Every act of Big Corporate Deception is done in well planned slow incremental deviation from the truth that they have trapped humanity to face a bottomless downward spiral for the next 10 years !!! We are now experiencing a World Financial War. People don't die by bullets. They die by starvation and suicides.

YouTube - Don't Tread On Me - Rise Of The Republic Part-1 of 11:
Hail Hitler, Hail Obama

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