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Saturday, June 19, 2010

An e-mail to Raymond Tombung, Sabah

The World’s Biggest Debtor Nations – CNBC:

Hi David,
U have been sending me high quality emails which are very informative and educational. as one who is a fellow-believer, I am grateful. Please continue to keep me in your recipients list. U can see me in Facebook.
Raymund Tombung

The Reply TO :
Raymond Tambung, Sabah

Thank You brother for you kind compliment. Your e-mails to me were helpful too.

Most people do not respond like you and I have become cautious in sharing essential educational and truthful information. People want to be pampered with Rosy Literature - not truth, I don't know why.

After the Global Economic Crisis in October 2008; I decided to dig for the truth in Global Economic & Geopolitical Matters. Thanks to the World Wide Web, some Good Books in the Market and a few honest people like Joshua Kong, Month after Month a completely new picture of Life and the World emerged.

It was shocking to me as I felt I was being led up the wrong garden path for 55 years! I have a 18 years old son. I do not want to give him a wrong picture and at the age of 50 he finds himself in a trap.

I decided to Blog. When I did that I discovered I have millions of like minded believers all over the world. People in Malaysia are not pro-active in speaking out. They have been dulled into complacency by a free ride, subsidies and a tongkat. For every 200 Tongkats given out 1 person in BN becomes filthy rich. That's reality in Malaysia which is copying USA which is more debt burdened than Malaysia.

I heard University Graduates in K.K. are paid Rm500/-. That is a maid's salary!!! So what Rubbish is Najib talking about High Income Society. Either he is in dreamland, a liar or he must be refering to his own Elite Club.

You will find some useful material on my Blog:

An e-mail to Terence Ng, Singapore

Have a Good Day Friend; Together we can change the world based on accurate information. The Internet is our Strength. God Bless You and Your Family..

Bye for Now,
Your Friend,
David Jeremiah

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