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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Calling by Max Igan

US Debt to GDP Ratio is 1:1. US Trade Deficit is $500 Billion per year. Federal Deficit this year is $1.3 Trillion. Annual Interest on Debt is $240 Billion/ yr. Interest is paid by the Tax Payer to the FED. The FED is getting Richer. Real Money Comes from the People and Fiat Money comes from the FED. The FED exchanges the Fiat Money with the People's Real Money and then tells the People, "You are in Debt."

All money is borrowed into existence by the FED. All pay back is Created by the People. That's the difference between Real Money and Fiat Money. The FED never pays back, it only lends on basis of a Speculation. When the Creation cannot sustain Pay Back and Cost of Living, trouble begins. The FED have been digging this ever deepening Hole while Industries and Jobs were being transferred overseas to benefit a few. The System worked from 1945 to 2000, 55 years, blinding the eyes of 2 or 3 generations.

The FED forgot the meaning of Fundamentals and Risk. Yes, it is a Ponji Scheme - for payback is done by New Population. In a growth phase the FIAT SYSTEM worked because there was so much of territory to distribute goods and services. The Territory has not stopped; just that Americans are no more the ones servicing and supplying those territories with goods. Can USA be the Creator of New Goods and Services as Obama hopes? Of course Not :- Unless Obama is thinking of the possibilities of Creating Electronic Junk Food and selling them online: "e-Food".

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