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Saturday, October 16, 2010


YouTube - EndGame HQ full length version:
Globalization - The Octopus of The New World Order:
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YouTube - THE NWO IS NOT NEW 2/2:

YouTube - State Owned Banks: Fixing the Economy by Ellen Hodgson Brown:
The Shocking Truth About Money - Interview with Ellen Brown - P

Yes all these Monetary Numbers we see are Not true. They are much much greater.

They are just feeding us with some Lollipops to shut up! Ask your self where does all the Money Come for the Great Shows, Wars, Conferences and Projects they are Putting Up or Building? It costs Millions, Billions and Trillions. They steal the Money from the masses, Spend it and then say - "You owe the Money".

We have become innocent partakers of the Evil Cup they serve. We have to Learn how to say NO MORE NONSENSE. Peter, You are absolutely RIGHT: "What is happening here is the manipulation of masses for the benefit of a few." As long as they control what enters our ears and what enters our eyes, They Control us. We have to know our self and don't go along with their "You May Pass Go. Free. Do not Pay a Fine. Monopoly Game."

They Give us 2 now and take back 10 three years down the Road. They have been Robbing the World for the last 65 years and we have been Eating their Junk Food, Junk Health, Junk Education, Junk Democracy, Junk Capitalism, Junk Justice, Junk Finance, Junk Corporates, Junk Law, Junk Games, Junk Loans, Junk Environment, Junk Water, Junk Entertainment and Junk Information.

Just SAY NO TO Rubbish lest we end up on the Streets like the French, Greek and Irish.

We have Nothing to Protect us except the Word - "NO".

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